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Very few know the janitor's real name, and those that do are probably never gonna share it. The janitor has been a part of Somni as far back as anyone can really remember, keeping parts of the city up and running, quietly mumbling under his breath as he works. Many over look the man who walks about as an expected entity that has always been there, few know he is present, and never even notice interruptions in their days or services cause of his work.


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Wearing his age well, the man known by many names carries himself with silvered strands, a scruffy beard, and tanned hide. Those that see his hands look on the weathered and stoic palms of a worker. Darkened from decades of dirt and sun, the scars almost feel like a mapped out story that start at some finger tips and wind their way up beyond his sleeves. Usually seen walking about Somni, disheveled and unkempt from a day of work to make sure people have power, water, and that the daily features everyone just expect to be working are operational.

He walks with heavy shoulders, slumped down like the day has just gone on too long. His gait matching each stride with the weary and exhausted look on his antique face as he moves through the streets and the alleys with to safe confidence of a man who has lived in the city for a long enough time to feel safe wherever he goes.

Commonly found in Jaq's bar where he works, drinks, and on his days off sits on the roof looking over the trade district with a gargoyle like gaze that tries to scowl and keep people away, but the old man has become a regularly welcomed salty fixture that people greet.

Quotes (feel free to add your own)

* "He's one of the good ones. When he talks, I'd listen if I were you. Oh, wait - his name? How am I supposed to know that? I gave up trying to figure that one out a long time ago. He'll tell you if he wants you to know." - Jaq Graves
* "Scruffy is wise with his years as well as kind. I'd suggest listening to his advice. He is a truly good person and I wish him all of the best." Madame Jane Petra
* "Scruffy is a model of a modern major general." Gretchen Salt

Rumors (feel free to add your own)

Rumors, lies and half truths

* If you catch him at a bar drinking you can rub his head for good luck.
* Dirt may be younger.
* His name is Conrad.
* No, it's Jose.
* Dude, my cousin's roommate said his name is Francis
* Scruffy is running for Mayor of Somni.
* His true name is Chesapeake Flannigan. Did we mention he's running for Mayor of Somni?

Music Inspiration

* But what comes next...


Public Knowledge

Name: Scruffy?
Type: Human
Region: Verge: Somni
Profession: Janitor
Origin: Ex-Marine

OOC Information

Player: Daniel Goode US2010096650
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Jonathan Nunley
Contact: San Diego Space VST

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