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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.


Scytale (Pronunciation note: rhymes with Italy) is a noted computer scientist active in hacker rings, who used to be known for passing herself off as a mortal when the need arises... though since adopting a path, she generally stays out of the public eye unless it's a "special" occasion. She was raised in San Diego after being adopted from Russia in a closed adoption. Though she is curious as to her mortal origins, she largely finds them to be pointless in these nights.

Her sire “made” her after finding she’d been the one foiling him when he’d been trying to access her work on the ERMA system - a predecessor to modern computers - she’d been in there as well and had assumed he was trying to find her out, and so had been countering his attempts until he tracked her down.

Due to unknown circumstances her sire quickly abandoned her and as a result found herself very much on her own, an unaligned Cainite trying to survive without guidance. Somehow she managed to struggle by alone until meeting up with a Sabbat pack including a Tzimisce researcher who agreed to help her investigate her bloodline, suspecting she was not a Pander - and discovered that she was a Telyav at that time. She began to track down Thaumaturgical resources with his aid, “evolving” as he put it, in to the woman she is today.

Recently he directed her to the next stage in her unlife - leaving at his urging to join a pack of newly-embraced cainites to serve as their abbot and train under their priest as they acclimate to their new states of being.


Before you stands a woman with strikingly pale skin who is very clearly on a path of enlightenment, appearing to be in her early to mid twenties. Her pupils are a solid black, larger than one might expect them to be and seem at times to be wreathed in plasma and flickers of electricity which begin to arc and flicker more obviously when she is working with technology. She favors comfort over fashion in her clothing most of the time, though she is always almost conspicuously clean and well-groomed. She has a tendency to wear slightly avant garde makeup and winged black eyeliner, though when she bothers to dress up beyond jeans, she cleans up quite well.

NOTES: Appearance Focused, Eerie Presence (Varies) - Almost never wears the same face twice.

Time Line

  • 1938 - Born in San Diego to a couple who was from St. Petersberg, Russia - she is put up for adoption and adopted by the Markus family in San Diego, CA.
  • 1955 - Graduates from high school and takes an internship working for Bank of America while attending SDSU's Accounting program.
  • 1957 - Begins working on the ERMA (Electronic Recording Machine, Accounting) project - a predecessor to modern computers.
  • 1959 - ERMA launched publicly. Anisa graduates from SDSU with a double major BA in Accounting & Mathematics.
  • 1960 - Embraced. Her sire disappears shortly thereafter.
  • 1960-1980 - Lives as one of the unaligned, and manages to struggle by on her own - barely. Her humanity plummets but she manages to get by and not get found or killed by hunters.
  • 1980 - Meets Hashut, a pack priest for a sabbat pack (The Hunger), who helps her determine that she is a Telyav, and helps her find more resources to learn about her bloodline.
  • 1981 - Given her creation rites.
  • 1993 - Along with her pack, Scytale helps "make" several batches of shovelheads, including "Kitty", with whom she keeps in touch until Kitty's pack goes missing during a scouting mission.
  • 2001 - Anisa begins to work to move on to Path of Cathari.
  • 2008 - Anisa moves fully on to Path of Cathari, after nearly falling in to Wassail. She begins the process of building her morality back up with the help of Hashut, her pack priest.
  • Nov 2017 - Leaves The Hunger and joins the newly formed Invictus pack as their Abbot, at Hashut's urging.
  • June 2018 - Named Bishop of Information for the Diocese of Blood and Wine.
  • June 2019 - Meets final death, taking out a large number of UBB members with her through creative use of several cars, and technomancy.


Rumors, lies and half truths

  • She diablerized her sire.
  • An Inquisitor in training has it out for her.
  • Recently spotted in the Riverside / Fallbrook area.
  • She is actually a Pander.
  • Once literally beat a man to death for suggesting she was a Tremere, even though she admits it's technically true.
  • She has a weakness for kittens, though it is unconfirmed if she prefers them as pets or snacks.
  • She eats babies on her Youtube channel in milkshakes.


Through the eyes of her peers

  • "Yo, Scy's fucking alright in my book. She's making me a VR game all based on Caine! I got so fucking excited I almost slapped her arm off." Ajax
  • "My replacement if I'm forced to leave the stewardship of Invictus' spiritual health. Scytale is already ushering other members of the Sword away from the shackles of their humanity. She's also proven herself time and again as an asset with those... magic camera balls. I look forward to seeing what she can do in a real siege." - Vincent
  • "She's a Tremere, but she doesn't wear a cape, which, I think is a shame, because capes are coming back into style. She should wear a cape. I know it sounds coked out, but, imagine all of the Loyalists coming in with capes, we'd rock that shit. What? Oh, Scy, yeah, she's great." Mordechai
  • "Scytale is the best thing on the West Coast. That we are kept on opposite coasts is probably a conspiracy against fun. Can't wait to make another stop to... Show them exactly why we are kept apart." - Valerie Evans

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Details Known by the Sabbat

Name: Scytale
Clan: Tremere - Telyav
Generation: Ancilla
Embraced: 1960
Joined the Sabbat: 1981
Pack Invictus
Sire -Unknown-
Status Initiated, Blessed, Courageous
Path Cathari

OOC Information

Player: Jessica Hartung US2017080136
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Kya Harris
Contact: San Diego Sabbat VST