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Privileged, Confirmed, Established, Prominent as Elder of the Camarilla
Courteous, Honourable, and Loyal
Sire: Lotharius | Grandsire: Etrius | Great Grandsire: Tremere

"I will hurt you for this. I don't know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid."

— George R.R. Martin


Seamus Montague is a short, boyish-looking Kindred who dresses in plain black suits with violet and silver complements - not too intimidating to behold at first. When he looks directly at you and speaks, however, the aura of a powerful luminary elder is easily felt in the stare of his cold pale eyes. He speaks clearly, compelling those around him with ease; only in private conversation or when he really loses his temper would one hear his trained accent begin to slip into a more Scottish lilt. He does his best to keep up with modern fashions, but doesn't quite understand them; he lets his childer pick out his clothing, and often ends up a little ill-fitting or awkward in things too big for his small frame.

House Montague has a long history of putting forth Clan Tremere's best diplomats and social powerhouses. Ever since the inception of the Tremere clan itself, members of the line have been at the forefront of the negotiations between Clan and Sect, always on-hand to smooth things over with well-placed words. They are well-known dual wielders of knowledge and magical power, and Seamus Montague embodies both.

Loyal, sharp-witted, passionate and articulate, Seamus is the sort of ambitious soul that the clan prides itself on. He's a loremaster with nearly a thousand years of experiences behind him. He seizes onto ideas and goals and pursues them relentlessly. Though his entrance into Clan Tremere at it's infancy was a quiet affair, and it's sometimes difficult to get him to answer a question directly, he's grown into an exemplary Elder few would question.

He can be a little short tempered, and it takes him effort to be patient with people sometimes. In recent nights, he's become ever increasingly reclusive, loathe to show his face to the outside world, and mysteriously becoming more and more scarce in the public eye, preferring for the young ones of his lineage to do his famed work for him. Small, still appearing teenage after so long, and easily overlooked, most of his power lies in how others underestimate him.

Notable Traits:

  • Eerie Presence: White Eyes
  • Very short
  • Appears teenage

Known to Tremere:

  • Member of Societatis Bellator
  • Former Regent of Edinburgh
  • Former Regent of Grand Rapids
  • Regent of Detroit

Coteries / Societies:

  • The Minerva Society (Founding Member)



1089: Born in the Lothian region of the Kingdom of Northumbria (present-day Scotland).
1103: Curiously begins practicing mortal occultism and witchcraft.
1105: Ghouled by his sire.
1106: Embraced.
1106-1230: Undergoes his accounting at Ceoris, mentoring under many other Tremere, meeting elders of the clan, learning to expand his knowledge of magic and the world, going on many adventures. He chiefly acts as a scribe and translator for the clan, writing down magical texts. Embraces Trent during this time.
1230: Released from the Chantry.
1255: Embraces Fyrntarn in Portugal.
1255-1380: Seamus is in charge of Fyrntarn’s accounting, and travels with him throughout Europe, from France in the West to Poland in the East.
1389: Seamus embraces his third childe, Silvano Marchesi.
1406: Reaches Elder age and status.
1498: Assists the bloodhunt of his own childe, Silvano, after the young Tremere was caught continuing illegal experiments with Gargoyles.
1505-1580: Takes Liam Kincaid under his wing as an apprentice.
1660: Came to America with its first settlers, learning the occult secrets of the New World.
1705-1850: Returned to Europe, thinking the colonization of America was a pipe dream.
1860: Upon hearing an old Tremere friend had been killed, he departs with his childe on a murderous rampage of revenge, and moves to America.
1911: Comes to settle in Grand Rapids with his childe, and lends support to the various Camarilla attempts to wrestle Detroit from the Sabbat.
1988: Permanently settles in Detroit to support the Camarilla’s claim on the city.
1993-1999: Torpor; awakened during the Week of Nightmares in Battle Creek, having been nearly diablerized by rioting Sabbat.
2010: Aided in the Blood Hunt of the Sabbat-loyal ex-Seneschal of Grand Rapids.
2017: Became the Tremere Primogen of Detroit.
2017: Helped lead the retaking of Toledo from the Mountain-Loyal Assamites, assisted in establishing the new Camarilla domain and placed his descendants there.
2018: Attended the Founder's Ball in Memphis, TN.



  • "Elder Montague is a case study in tragic beauty. He would have made a stunning Rose had he not first fell to the depredations of his own genius. Regardless, he is one of the few kindred whom I would dare call friend." - Simon Kensington
  • "Whatever illusions you have about Seamus, banish them. You are wrong. You do not know him. You never will. Underestimate him at your peril." - Liam Kincaid
  • "Silver rosary; Broken chains and torn priest robes; Casablanca nights." - Roman
  • "His greatest strength is the illusion of weakness. He looks fragile and delicate but his cunning and wisdom makes him a force to be reckoned with. Watch out for him, he is the dagger you find between your ribs when you embrace the underestimated in a hug. " - Gareth Abrecan
  • "Seamus, oh darling boy. Knows more than he lets on, and less than you might realize. An old man's soul in the body of a mere child. Don't you see it in his eyes?" - Caterina Salazar
  • "I am grateful for the knowledge Elder Montague has bestowed upon me. He is a true gentleman. You could learn a lot from him." - Donzella Costigan
  • "You can never judge a man by his appearance alone. He has a certain sagua faire and je ne sais quoi that commands respect and loyalty. Pour un historien comme moi, je continuerai toujours à écrire son nom dans mes pages." - Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson
  • "I turned the corner of my third century on a balcony in Bucharest with Seamus for company. I sometimes avail myself of the hospitality of others, but rarely do I tarry. This was an exception. As I find his then-protégé now residing in my city, I recall those nights clearly and feel nostalgia. He set a high bar for maintaining my interest in a conversation. I should be lucky to find another with his wit." - Alistair Beckworth
  • "A wise scholar and a worthy companion whose acquaintance enriches these nights." - Alain Martel
  • "Den unge arbeider for å bevare sin klan ære. Han har mye arbeid foran ham." - Olaf
  • "Yes, great-grandsire is a fascinating individual. What do I mean by that? Ah, my dear, I shall leave that for you to discover." - Merryn Trenery
  • "I find myself in an awkward position regarding Seamus, we share much and I respect his scholarly accomplishments, that said, I cannot bring myself to ever trust his kind, as. Bacha'i Haqim, I cannot forget, nor can I forgive." - Soheil Aurelius Shaykh Isfahani
  • "Hij weet waar te kijken. Nog belangrijker, weet hij wanneer hij moet optreden alsof hij niet kijkt." - The Iron Mask
  • "Elder Montague presents a quandary. I dislike his clan. Yet he has a brilliant mind, and most importantly a heart." - Verity Adams
  • "My Sire sings Elder Seamus' praises ceaselessly. I have never known my Sire to fail at judging the character of a Kindred. I very much look forward to meeting- and plotting- with Elder Seamus." - Felix Winchester
  • "La mort finale n'est pas la pire façon d'être détruit. Seamus a inventé sept méthodes et a perfectionné le reste." - Ludovic Pétion
  • "Guarded secrets only hold so far. What lays locked in his chest, I would dare none to even think of opening that door and peaking inside. For what is there, is only should be known to a few." - Nathaniel West
  • "He is, in many ways, the ideal Tremere. Certainly an example of how an Elder Tremere should be, what neonates should strive for. Over the years, sharing a clan and occasionally research projects with him has been a pleasure." - Meliora
  • "I.. wouldn't be here if not for him most likely. He showed cunning, courage, and bravery for a fledgling he barely knew at the time. He's earned my respect and far more than that." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "Seamus is a son of my heart if not my blood, one who has walked this long night with a courage and integrity that serves as a reminder to me even now: We are not the blood in our veins. We are the choices we make, the ideals we uphold. I could speak to countless aspects of him such as his effectiveness, his diligence, his acumen, but it is his integrity which truly leaves me in awe." - Amyntas
  • "Elder Montague serves the Pyramid in a way I have little time or patience for, and he does so with a keen sense of political acumen that others lack. His loyalty is unquestionable and his words quell those who would dare to oppose us." Saharat
  • "I owe Seamus a lotta things. Believe it or not, a bullet ain't one of 'em." - Longmire
  • "I only had to see how Elder Liam acted around him to know that he was someone deeply intriguing. He continues to confirm this in every meeting and interaction." Claire Bradford
  • "A pillar of strength among the magi. A talent for diplomacy; he wields it as effortlessly as his magicks. A truly remarkable and admirable man. I count myself fortunate that he has been a most formidable ally." - Morvenna Mathias
  • "I expected to be impressed when meeting Elder Montague. What I did not expect was to be awed. For all the differences my sire and I have I felt I found a similarity in Elder Montague." - Elisha Hale
  • "Every story has an introduction, a body, a climax, and a conclusion; with Seamus, I witnessed one and wrote another; one will bring me rare sorrow and another, rare joy. I must remind myself on occasion that not all is yet written, and the future yet holds much unseen. Insh'Allah." - Augustin de Aragón
  • "Any wizard that gives me a chance to fight fiends is one I am more then willing to deal with.." - Torben the Bear
  • "Du undervurderer ham. Flink. Fortsett å gjøre det. Fortsett å undervurdere ham og se verden din druknet." - Olaf
  • "Efficient. Practical. But, I love it when he smiles. That means things are about to get interesting." - Channon
  • "Not an overly social sort, but competent. For a Tremere." - Gaius Cornelius Scipio
  • "It's kinda like sad how he's all like young, and unsprung. Like, can you like imagine how some like Amish dude woulda felt getting all like kissed without the like fun if it? Likes totes him, without the cool quilts and bitchin buggies." - Karma
  • "Those who believe that Seamus Montague can be easily dismissed due to his youthful visage neglect to recall the fact that we are immortal - physically unchanging, but ever learning. Behind Seamus' soft countenance lies one of the sharpest minds in the Camarilla." - Desmond Aldred
  • "Vacuous creatures find intoxication in the youthfulness of Seamus' eyes, and confidence in towering over his diminutive frame. Where they saw a victim, they failed to realized the presence of the powerful and ambitious Luminary Elder casting an unseen shadow over their hollow shells. I have watched this realization wash over the paralyzed bodies or more than a few, as the final moments of life escaped their veins. May you never know the feeling as white eyes look upon you in a similar fashion." - Numerius Villius Cursor
  • "Social Kindred tend to talk not because of any relevance, but because they love the sound of their own voices. Elder Montague seems to prefer subtext. Alas, too many are both blind and deaf to it. Pity for them, really." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "I have often wondered if Charles Moore was in some way related to him. Sadly, neither would probably know, and at least one of them I can no longer ask." - Kevin Hagen
  • "I love it when I meet an Elder who isn't enamoured with the sound of their own voice. It's just really refreshing." - Jaguar
  • "You may find Elder Montague to be both youthful in appearance and quiet in temperament. But you must never imagine that something so boyish, or composed, is not also very, very dangerous." - Dar Adan
  • "Many question if leaders should be loved or feared but Elder Seamus manages both in my eyes." - Lysander Falconbridge
  • "Hugin and Munin fly each day over the spacious earth. I fear for Hugin, that he may not come back, yet more anxious am I for Munin." - Egil Agmundr
  • "Met him in Memphis, briefly. The guy has a style alright. I'd ask him for tips." - Juniper Durham
  • "That my father sees him as a son, means that in him I see a kind of brother. That he finds a way to choose who he is, rather than what he should be, speaks volumes." - Konstantin Rurik
  • "The Scot witch-boy? Ever the witch, but you would underestimate him greatly to call him a boy. He has not been a 'boy' for hundreds of years. So either an Elder warlock was foolish in their choice, or young Seamus showed some dark promise that had to be preserved. Which do you think is the most likely?" - Carden d'Vergobret
  • "Add a quote here." - PC Name


ShayIllust2 copy.png

  • He has a strange affinity with crows and ravens, and is often seen with one upon his shoulder. How stereotypical.
  • He keeps his Thaumaturgical abilities closely guarded, and few know what he is proficient in.
  • Seamus and Lotharius have a complicated relationship.
  • His boon log is rumoured to be about 50 pages.
  • Keeps multiple close relationships close to his heart, despite his public distaste for the concept of Kindred involved in such things.
  • Was instrumental in the Camarilla's campaign to retake Toledo from the Mountain.
  • Was not originally human. Seamus was a mortal's raven familiar that was turned into a man, then embraced. He has been angered about this ever since.
  • Add rumour here!


Seamus Montague
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Primogen
Domain: Detroit, MI
Player: Ron Osypiuk
VST: Dorothy Feltner

This character is a 6th Generation PC Head of a lineage. Contact me at my email for ties, membership in the lineage, etc!

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