Sebastian Abramczyk

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General Information

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Name: Sebastian Abramczyk
Clan: Tremere
House: Abramczyk
Sect: Camarila

Camarilla Known Timeline:
- 1157-1215 In Training

1215-1262 Training in Vienna

1263 Received the Confirmed Status

1264-1415 Extreme Training

1474-1552 Exploring Africa

1553 returned to Europe

1554 Became an Elder received Privileged and Established

1555-1785 Traveling Europe

1785-1821 Advisor to the Prince of Amsterdam

1821-1824 Traveling to America

1825-1837 Exploring America

1837 Settled in the Arkansas area

Quotes and Rumors


- You will be be informed as to what is happening as I feel fit to explain, we have a plan and sometimes things are going to change, but I will make sure you are occupied!

OOC Information

Player: David Benedetto
Storyteller: Damon Edwards
Coordinator: Craig French