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Todos los imperios son creados de sangre y fuego.
All empires are created of blood and fire.


Sebastian Teotl is the ruthless head of the La Familia Michoacána cartel now based out of San Diego. He holds strong ties to his Aztec heritage and comes across as extremely loyal to the Teotl name. He loves his sister Marina so much that he wished to spend eternity with her; as such he embraced her and the two now run San Diego. Sebastian is obviously of Mexican decent with Spanish being his preferred language. He likes to flaunt his money and power, and at times loves to party and celebrate for any available reason.

Status & Standing

Current standing within the Independent Alliance

Abiding Statuses
  • Prominent - Positional
  • Commander - Positional
  • Celebrated - Positional
Innate Statuses
  • Accepted - Granted 2011
Fleeting Statuses
  • Reverent - Reward by Doyen Saul Rothstein
  • Courteous - Rewarded by Virago Eli Pisanob
  • Don of San Diego
  • Doyen of San Diego
  • Don of the La Familia Michoacána cartel

Time Line

1870 - Born in Michoacán, Mexico
1898 - Embraced by Lucas Pisanob
1899 - Embraced his sister Marina Teotl
1980 - Founded the La Familia Michoacána cartel
1996 - Embraced Ricardo Rodriguez Pisanob
1998 - Murdered the head of the Los Zetas
2000 - Was involved in a cartel war with the Los Zetas
2006 - Moved to San Diego
2017 - Was Declared Capo of San Diego
2017 - Was Declared Don of San Diego
2018 - Claimed the title Doyen with the execution of Don Xolotl Pisanob
2018 - Secured a 5 year peace treaty with the Camarilla of San Diego


Rumors, lies and half truths

* Sebastian killed his own father to take over the family ranch.
* He loves his cartel more then he loves his clan.
* He hates the Sabbat.
* His second childer has become the Don of LA.
* Anything you want he can get.
* Sebastian refuses to feed from anyone of poverty, citing that their blood is unclean.
* Sebastian use to run drugs with Pablo Escobar
* His sister is supposedly the real brains of the operation.
* His own elders fear his ambition.
* You want to make a good first impression, gift him with a bottle of fancy Tequila imported from Mexico.
* His sire hates his guts for being more successful.
* He is loyal to a fault
* He loves Korean Barbecue.
* He is the private owner of the San Diego Sockers.
* He is the largest trafficker of weapons, drugs, and immigrants in the South West.
* He despises the Tremere clan.



  • Luna Giovanni (5th gen)
    • Xolotl Pisanob(6th gen)
      • Azlan Teotl - Don Angel De La Muerte (7th gen)
        • Cipactli Yaotl - Pisnob (Packy) (8th gen)
          • Marcus Pisanob - Putanesca (9th gen)
          • Lucas Pisanob (9th gen)
            • Sebastien Teotl Pisanob (10th gen - Self)
              • Ricardo Rodriguez Pisanob (11th gen)
              • Marina Teotl Pisanob (11th gen)
            • Serafina Pisanob (10th gen)
            • Pilar Pisanob (10th gen)
          • Miztli ʺKittyʺ Pisanob Cuoronero (9th gen)
            • Sofia Fantasia Giovanni(10th gen)
              • Allegra Giovanni(11th gen)

      • Azlan Toetl - Don Angel De La Muerte (7th gen)
        • Mariana Sofia Veronica Toetl-Giovanni (8th gen)
          • Donald Rothstein (9th gen)
          • Anthony "Tony" Putanesca-Pisanob (9th gen)
            • Jimmy Putanesca (10th)
              • Daniel Webster Milliner (11th)
              • Dolly Madison Milliner (11th)
              • Samuel Adams Milliner (11th)

Character Inspirations

These are characters from various movies and real life

* El Chapo - Mexican Drug Cartel
* Dominic Toretto - The Fast and the Furious
* Aurelio Casillas - El Señor de los Cielos

La Familia.jpg

La Familia.jpg


Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Family: Pisanob
Position: Doyen
Sire: Lucas Pisanob
Generation 10th
Lineage: Teotl Pisanob-Giovanni

OOC Information

Player: Johny Browne
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Kareem Gabriel Fortes
Contact: San Diego C/A VST