Sebastiano Giovanni

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Sebastiano A Giovanni


1500's: Granted the Kiss by the family
1529 - 1542: Copied (Scribed) several versions of the original Treaty with the Camarilla (The Promise) for distribution to
1610: Moves to Southern France, aids in the contracts tying the East India Company to the French crown.
1650s-1800s: Returns to Venice to Study at the Giovanni Mausoleum
1800s avoided the American Civil War.
1880-1920: During the Veiled Protectorate, helped sign armistice treaties with local vampire interests and the Giovanni.
1935: Recalled to Venice to help broker non-interference agreements from Camarilla, Sabbat, Axis and Allies to protect Giovanni holdings
1950 - 1980s: Moves to America as Giovanni make inroads after WWII. Brokers deals across USA and assists certain contentious negotiations
1985 - 2009: Sebastiano goes underground (in Canada) and refuses to mediate deals.
2010: The Promise is Broken.
* Sebastiano Emerges from hiding to learn of potential impacts of deals he has brokered.
* Sebastiano again begins brokering deals.
* Once the Treaty of Alliance is signed, Sebastiano is tasked (of many) to create copies of the treaty and distribute them (as before).
2016: Arrives in Boston and after brokering some deals, leaves to visit IA holdings along the coast.
2017: Installs himself in Montreal after visiting a few eastern seaboard cities and corresponding IA holings.
2018: Now Don of the city he:
* Becomes Emissary for the IA
* Negotiates a peace between the IA, Camarilla and Anarchs
* Brokers a deal for a permanent IA domain taking half of the island of Montreal including the international airport.
* After negotiating agreements across Canada for and with the IA, is elevated to Padrone of Canada.

Notable Traits



* "He will present you with the velvet-gloved hand. Do not be fooled, and keep the iron gauntlet at the ready. He's itching for it." - Thaddeus Moreau
* "The man has an attention to detail that rivals my own. Never. Ever. Assume. It was omitted on purpose, it was said with intent,
every word has purpose. I both respect and am frustrated by this man on a nightly basis." - Mr. Blackett


Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Position: Padrone of Canada
Doyen of Montreal
Sire: Benedetto Giovanni
Childe: Proscopio Pisanob
Lance Pisanob
Lineage: Athánatous Foitités Elénchou
Status: Accredited [Innate]
Celebrated [Abiding]
Commander [Abiding]
Authority [Abiding]
Loyal [Fleeting]
by Shephard of the Dead Ambrogino Giovanni
Courteous [Fleeting]
by Emisary Vincent Giovanni
Reverant [Fleeting]
by Doyen Jai Van de Berg
Honorable [Fleeting]
by Elder Numerius Villius Cursor
Loyal [Fleeting]
by Padrone Marcus Giovanni

OOC Information

Player: Jaime Rodriguez
City: Montreal, QC
VST: Audrey Gravel