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Commonly Known

Name: Sébastien Delacroix
Common Aliases: Bastien, "The Marquis Delacroix", The Marquis de Harley, “The Face” of House of Saharat, "Le Cheval Sombre (The Dark Horse)" of House of Saharat
Clan: Tremere
Age: 359
Social Class: Ancilla
Position: Seneschal of San Francisco (1998-Present)
Acknowledged by Prince Asher Meyer of San Francisco
Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Camerilla
Noble as the Seneschal of San Francisco
Favored by ElderAmyntas of the Brujah
Favored by Elder Katheryn Maria Benoit of the Toreador
Favored by Elder Belteshazzar of the Nosferatu
Courteous by the word of Elder Prince François Villon of Paris (2017-07-VIP-VtM-095)

Often referred to as “The Face Man” of his family line, Sébastien's social acumen, wit, charm, and latent aptitude for magic mixed with science are what drew clan Tremere to what would have become just another Toreador. Meliora saw his potential and beyond his pretty face and snarky tongue and gave him to her childer, Áed, to embrace. They were all pleasantly surprised when their investment paid off. He strives to always be a modern man but the centuries are finally catching up with him. On occasion he references pop culture forgetting that it's era was 20-30 years ago. He is also known as “The Dark Horse” of House Saharat. A symbol that he wears with pride and has adopted into his personal crest. No one expected him to rise in status amongst the Clan and the Tower, least of all the rest of his family yet he managed to climb the social ladder just as he did in his mortal years. He strives to be the Tremere that other clans will feel comfortable with coming to with their personal problems. His goal is going to try to ensure that the Tremere don't get a bad reputation in the city for being stuffy, archaic, and unapproachable.


Known History

  • 1660 -(May 1) Sébastien is born to The Marquis le Fargis (pro.Île-de-France), Chrestien Delacroix and his wife Henriette Delacroix in Paris. He has one surviving sibling, his Brother Armel, age six. His family was part of the Noblesse de Robe having served in high administrative and advisory positions under the ruling of several generations of the French monarchy.
  • 1677 - (Age 17) The Delacroix family moved to Versailles and Sébastien was quickly incorporated into the entourage of Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, the brother of King Louis XIV. Philippe had just returned to court a popular war hero from his leadership at the Battle of Cassel. The Duke of Orléans was well known for his penchant for young, beautiful men and Sébastien suited his tastes perfectly. His parents were pleased with this opportunity for their youngest son to be in favor with the Monsieur, however this was a mixed blessing. Close association with The Duke of Orléans with his very public interest in “L'vice Italien” and appetite for debauchery could make it difficult for them to find Sébastien a suitable wife. Having no interest what so ever in finding a “suitable wife” and always looking to upstage his “perfect” brother Armel, Bastien jumped at the opportunity to climb the social ladder any way he could. He quickly fell in line as one of Duke of Orléans infamous entourage and lovers affording him access to all the lavish parties and gossip of the highest members of the Kings court (2017-07-VtM-5957-004). It was also around that time that Sébastien began a secret fascination with the occult and alchemy focusing his studies in the creation of potions: primarily aphrodisiacs, love potions, perfumes, and luck tinctures. The use and creation of which was very popular at the time yet also extremely controversial. It was a hobby turned obsession that opened up a curious new world for Sébastien where he discovered he had latent ability for hedge magic. The more he learned, the more he obsessed. He also took a keen interest in spells of charm and persuasion and spent much of his free time bribing his way into the backrooms of obscure book shops - which is where he was first noticed by clan Tremere.
  • 1679 -(Age 19) Early that year, his marriage was arranged to the Jacqueline D'Aure, The Marquise de Harley, whose husband had died only three month prior. She was nearly twenty years his senior and there were already many rumors at court of Sébastien affairs with various married nobles, one of which as Jacqueline. Under threat from his family and Jacqueline, Sébastien agreed to the marriage. Being second born, it was his best opportunity to obtain a title and lands as it was promised that the arrangement would make him the Marquis de Harley. It was also rumored that The Marquise was carrying his child as her husband had been too weak from illness to participate in marital activities before his untimely death. Six months later Jacqueline barely survived the difficult birth of twins who were christened Nicolette and François.
  • 1682 -(age 22) He narrowly escaped implication in the infamous "L'affaire des poisons" by the intervention and personal testimony of The Duke of Orléans and Duchesse Katheryn Maria Benoit , one of Louis XIV’s many undocumented mistresses. Many nobles were tried and put to death for the use and creation of poisons, potions, and engaging in witchcraft. Sébastien was indeed guilty of dabbling on the occult arts however his beauty and rumors of his other "talents" infatuated Duchesse Benoit, who was an enigmatic member of the mortal French court as well as a member of clan Toreador. After his name clears in the scandal, she becomes Sébastien domitor and introduces him to the world of the darkness.
  • 1684 - Duchesse Benoit falls out of favor as a mistress Louis XVI and fearing her lack of aging would begin to be noticed by the mortals, she moves to the countryside near by Versailles. Sébastien is instructed to be her eyes and ears at court.
  • 1685 - (age 25) On his way through the countryside to report to Duchesse Benoit , Sébastien’s carriage is held up by The Femme Méchante. Always up for a flirtatious game with a pretty face, the more dangerous the better, Bastien manages to charm his way out of losing his coin to the captivating bandit. As a token of his gratitude for not robbing him, he gives The Femme Méchante a vial of one of his famed perfume creations and she gives him a handkerchief monogrammed with “FM” granting him free travel around France without being accosted by robbers. Later that year, Duchesse Benoit reluctantly sells Sébastien to clan Tremere when they cashed in a major boon she owed them. Clan Tremere was looking for a social adept to train and embrace. It was an attempt to assist the Elders to the Saharat line to become accustom to the modern era. They had learned of Bastien’s occult studies, keen investigative skills, and social acumen making him a perfect candidate. Sébastien and Duchesse Benoit remained close over years, their paths occasionally crossing. It is through Duchesse Benoit that Sébastien eventually learns the discipline of Presence.
  • 1690 -(Age 30, apparent age mid to late twenties) Embraced by Áed of the House of Saharat at the command of his Grandsire, Meliora.
  • 1700 - During his accounting to Meliora, Bastien travels around France assisting her and Áed with matters of the modern mortal courts and technology.
  • 1720 - Meliora takes Bastien to meet Ventrue Elder, Desmond Aldred -Patriarch of House Everard and his childer Gareth Abrecan for training in the Vampiric court system. Whilst there they meet with Tremere Elder, Seamus Montague, head of House Montague.
  • 1722 - Sébastien is released from accounting.
  • 1830 - Travels to the United States following the war of 1812 with his sire Áed, grandsire Meliora, Great grandsire Sahara. They land in New York and slowly work their towards the west cost.
  • 1850 - They arrive in San Francisco, California and set to work establishing the Chantry in what later becomes the city of Colma. He meets a Brujah Elder, a cowboy named Virgil Colfax and a Toreador sharpshooter named Winifred Mickel the three begin an unlikely friendship.
  • 1906 - The San Francisco Earthquake occurs; the Colma Chantry is almost lost. Sebastian assists with the rebuilding. He commissions an estate to be built for himself where he can conduct his private affairs and spends his time between there and the new Chantry.
  • 1915- Began a five-year relationship (one of his longest affairs) with a local Malkavian calling himself “Visitor”. They separated amicably when Sébastien was summoned by the clan to move to New Orleans in 1920, a move Visitor predicted through the eyes of chaos.
  • 1920 - He is sent to New Orleans, LA and to help stop the beginnings of a war between the small but growing Tremere presence in the city and the local independents, namely the Giovanni, who controlled the city. He meets with the Followers of Set and forms a unlikely alliance (and infatuation) with the enigmatic Painted Serpent, much to his family's dismay. Through a deal and an unusual mortal connection with the Samedi representative, Cora Delacroix, that he is able to ease the threat of conflict between the Giovanni and the Tremere. The sharing of a surname between the two is something that is still whispered about to this day. He brokers a deal with Cora to gain her clan as an ally to defend against the Necromancers of Clan Giovanni if the tensions were to escalate. With the threat of war abated, he decides to take up residence in the beautiful city purchasing apartments above Bourbon and Toulouse (which is now the Four Points Sheraton). (Approved by New Orleans VST Troy Jackson US2002022414)
  • 1960 - He is sent back to Europe and travels as a cultural attaché for the clan as needed. It is there where he is told to embrace Wilhelm David Jados-Lang, an occult explorer and amateur hedge wizard, at the request of his Grandsire, Meliora. Whilst there he is awarded the status of Courteous from François Villon, famed Prince of Paris (2017-07-VIP-VtM-095).
  • 1998 - Sébastien is summoned back to San Francisco to help repair the severe social damage left by the actions of an Elder Tremere and an Brujah Elder’s personal agenda to assassinate one another. This action was not approved by either clan and ended with both the Tremere and Brujah Elders being destroyed by hunters - who eventually took over the city. He is able to smooth over major tensions between the two clans due to his friendship with Elder Virgil. He becomes Seneschal of San Francisco under his old companion and now Prince, Winifred Mickel. In true Sébastien, the two begin an affair along with Winifred's Childer, Ignacio Jose Ortega.
  • 2003 - With the threat of the third wave of hunters destroying the Kindred of San Francisco and Prince Mickel unwilling to move the populace to a safer location after the death of her Childer Ignacio, Brujah Elder Amyntas organizes a white praxis and becomes the new Prince of the city. He keeps Sébastien on as his Seneschal.
  • 2019 - Serves as the Seneschal to Amyntas who is chosen as Primus Inter Pares for Saturday night at Grand Conclave in Tombstone.
  • 2019 - Successfully creates a magical censer that is used in a mass ritual to free Tremere from Mehujael's control.
  • 2019 - Rebuilds the recently destroyed The Chantry Nebulæ Turbinibus and maintains his position of seneschal though a the praxis of Elder Asher Meier.

House Lineage


Known to House and Clan

Promoted to Magister by the US Council of Lords in October of 2017
Member of The Societatis Bellator (1960)
Member of The Chantry Nebulæ Turbinibus (The Chantry of the Mists)- CA Bay Area Region

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Non-Tremere Allies


  • Sébastien is the puppeteer behind the Prince and both Brujah and Tremere clans dance on those strings.
  • Sébastien once almost bedded King Louis XIV who openly detested homosexuality but in a drunken haze mistook Sébastien for a beautiful young woman.
  • Sébastien has an enchanted painting that reflects his true nature. The Picture of Dorian Gray written by Oscar Wilde, whom Sébastien had an affair with, was inspired by this secret.
  • Sébastien is actually a Anarch infiltrator trying to destroy the structure of the Tower from within. He plays the long game to make sure that once all the charges are strategically set, the Ivory Tower will topple with one simple detonation.
  • Sébastien's heart can be felt still beating in his chest yet many have called him "heartless".
  • Sébastien has slept his way up the social ladder, having bedded over have the San Francisco populace. A remarkable feat considering many of the kindred deny having and interest in engaging in such base mortal behaviour.
  • Sébastien was once entranced by his own reflection and it took the efforts of three kindred to break him away from the object of his obsession.
  • Sébastien doesn't actually know Thaumaturgy because he was embraced by the Toreador and raised by the Tremere.
  • The song You're So Vain was actually written about him.
  • Has an obsession with Roman Baths.
  • When in Europe in the 1960s, Sébastien wept for a full 40 days after having heard the San Francisco Sutro Baths had burned down.
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  • Good taste never goes out of style, and I pride myself in always being en vogue. - The Marquis Delacroix
  • Vous devez sucer beaucoup de coq pour aller de l'avant dans ce monde - The Marquis Delacroix
  • Centuries together and I still do not understand my childe. How Sebastien still lives his unlife to the fullest is beyond me. One moment he is shining brighter than the Toreador with impeccable poise and grace while navigating court intrigue as if he invented it, and the next making a Setite blush with envy, all while honing a keen wit. Saharat and Meliora chose my childe well. - Áed
  • The Buddha once said 'When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily.' I do not regret that he found the sting of my thorns while trying to pluck me though I would have appreciated more water. - Rain
  • "When I arranged for Áed to embrace Sebastien, it was out of necessity. He proved his worth in the first few months. In the years since? He has confounded me, harassed me, annoyed me, and plagued me with his incessant gossiping, socialization with those beneath him, and his obsession with his own mortality and my supposed need to "loosen up and let my hair down." And yet, I still find myself overly fond of him, as he knows just how to toe the lines in the sand." - Meliora
  • "They should have given him to me." - Pascoal
  • "Sebastien was chosen by my House for a specific purpose, and to fill the one and only void left in my line. He does this with a poise and grace in his actions that other potential failed to compare to and no mercy will be shown to anyone that acts against him." - Saharat
  • "Sibling rivalries happen from time to time, when one is jealous of the other. With one such as Sébastien, it would be a constant battle if I could not accept that he were just so damned pretty!" - Övé Háskell
  • "Sebastien? He's charming, strong, dashing, debonair, and oh so witty. You've heard of him? Yes he's quite the social butterfly, isn't he? Now where he picked up those traits I'll never know, but I will forever be grateful for that teacher..." - Katheryn Maria Benoit
  • "It is important to know your place, and to exceed it. I will be watching this man, as it is obvious he knows his way around a social and political dance." - Channon
  • "Qui se ressemble s'assemble." - Ludovic Pétion
  • "Enchanting... Simply enchanting..." - Julian Motgomery-Westwood
  • "I saw in Monsieur Delacroix a Rose until I was politely corrected, and yet I am pleasantly surprised to have found so many Warlocks full of passion. Usually dour sorts, them. And he did seem so prone to go red when topics turned to those less fit for public conversation, which was absolutely charming." - Lillian Chandler
  • "Sebastien and I have agreed on certain subjects. That is as distressing for me as it is for you but at least he does his job well." - Asher Meier
  • "Mon dieu, on y va encore. After nearly three centuries, he still pursues his pleasures in exactly the same way. However, the times have risen up to meet him, and stepping up as seneschal means he cannot hide his competence behind his foppery anymore. Pauvre mignon." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "Sebastien is respectful, well mannered, and good at his job. Who could ask for more? " - Don Vittorio Cuoronero
  • all the worst things. political social climbing of a cammie scum, vapid arrogence of the god damn rose and to top it off he is a googly eyed wiggle fingering tremere. ugh" Trace! follows this snarling comment with a flounce and the sound of things breaking as he leaves
  • "Finally. An intellect worth speaking to." -Saul Rothstein
  • "We all wear our masks. One would do well, when they believe they have seen easily beneath such a mask, to take a second and longer look." - Augustin de Aragón
  • "Sebastien has a formidable talent to know what is not only wanted, but needed in most situations. I don't know what fool's luck I was blessed with to have met such a man, but I was twice blessed to have him by my side in my days as Prince." -Winifred Harriet Mickel
  • "Never have I meet someone who gets me so well, and the same time doesn't. I swear it is like he might envy you for freedom and caste you out for it at the same time. All are play things before the grand theatre that is his play and his life. Shame that he is french." - Krieger the Golem
  • "Ah, Sebastien Delacroix, the Treasure of Clan Tremere. One that does not forget that magic and mystery often go hand in hand with euphoria and rapture." - Serapion, the Painted Serpent
  • "Delacroix may be Tremere like me, but first and foremost, he is French... and while I myself am descended from French settlers, my goodness, is he so incredibly, tediously... French." - Thaddeus Moreau

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OOC Information

Player: Corinne Reif US2002055957
Storyteller: James Ryan
Location: San Francisco, CA