Senna Solano

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Name: Senna Solano
Clan: Lasombra-anti
Sect: Anarch Movement
Abiding Status:

  • Committed to the Anarch Movement

Fleeting Status:

  • None

Notable Traits:

  • Angelic Visage
  • Shadows dance around her
  • Short black hair tipped in red
  • Phantom Thief



Senna doesn't talk much of her past before she emerged in the SouthEast and joined the Anarch movement. However, the way her shoulders tense when the Sabbat are mentioned tells all. She denounces them with all the vitriol she can muster, and when Atlanta was sieged she backed up those words in defense of her city.

The young girl refuses to wear all black, insisting on splashes of color on her clothes and in her reality. She travels often, and it's said that she can get into some interesting places for a fee. The Lasombra anti-tribu will even take you with her, if your heart can handle it.

She emerged in the 80s and was Committed in the Anarch Movement after learning more about it from her future gangmate Baldur. Eventually she was part of the formation of the gang known as the Quiet Refrain with Prudence, Baldur, and Junkrat.

When she returned to Atlanta, the Camarilla questioned her as if afraid her family would follow. In the end, they did but it wasn't the little thief's trail that led the way...


  • “It’s always struck me as odd that one so close to the dark carries so much light within her.” – Ailis Cárthach
  • “Senna's like a super like cool chick, even if like part of me gets like a little grossed out by like all that like weird shadow shit. Besides, like who doesn't like love someone who actually wears a fucking like color other than like black?” - Karma
  • “Oh, so fiesty. I want to be a shadow on the wall if she is ever in the room with her Sire.” – Diego Vega
  • “A young Cainite of my line with more potential than sense. If only she could see how she is holding herself back....” - Astraea
  • “One sees the Abyss’ influence in Senna by her incredible potential. One sees the power of our blood breed true in her knack for survival and self determination. All she lacks is a guiding hand.” - Serafino Morreti'
  • “I know she must face much trepidation and judgement from others. She'll find none from me. A Setite knows what it is to be judged by our reputation and not our actions---and her actions? She told me of a plot by Hunters when she had no reason to help me and mine. ” - Nitya Nataraja'
  • “Please leave one!” - PC Name


  • The tips of her hair are dyed red with blood.
  • Senna is terrified of her family, but talked an awful lot with the progenitor of her lineage when she visited as Prince Mila's guest
  • Showed up at a Brujah rant and danced by herself. Also managed to show up just as people were dying.
  • Wears more colors to her wardrobe each time she runs into her despised sabbat counterparts. If she continues to be unlucky, she'll look like a rainbow by the end of the year
  • Is lying low after stealing a Samedi named anathema to the local Giovanni. Once a thief...
  • Please leave one!

Jobs Well Done

  • Acquired some art at the behest of some Toreador
  • Nearly got caught while running contraband with Bianca. Nearly doesn't count.
  • Narrowly escaped from Prague with the amulet of Brisingamen in her possession
  • Stole Genna BonVivant from the Atlanta Giovanni


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  • 1960s- Embraced
  • 1970s - Escaped
  • 1980s- Joined the Movement
  • 1990s -Moved to Atlanta
  • 2017 - Returned permanently to Atlanta after travel