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NOTE: Though many actual historical events are referenced in this, please understand that the following is a fictional history of the Pioneer Valley for use in the Werewolf the Apocalypse venue.

History of the Sept of the White Fields

Year Mundane Changing Breeds
Pre-1630 The land along the Connecticut River Valley is home to several Native American tribes. The Wendigo, Croatan, and Uktena tribes prowl the wilderness areas and hold considerable influence over the pre-colonial Northeast.
1635 Agawam Plantation is founded by European settlers as part of the Connecticut colony.
1640 - 1660 The first settlement at Springfield cedes from Agawam Plantation and the Connecticut colony. It remains an independent colony for a short time but, plagued by disease and mismanagement, it eventually joins the Massachusetts Bay colony.
1675 Chief Metacomet orders the razing of the settlement at Springfield, setting off what will be decades of skirmishes between European settlers and Native American tribes.
1675 - 1678 King Philip's War The native tribes, led by the Wendigo, begin to wage war on the Garou Nation tribes, led by the Shadow Lords.
1675 The first reported siting of the bane known as "The War Maker."
1678 - 1700 The Pennacook Tribe broker and uneasy peace with European colonists in the area, allowing for many towns destroyed during King Philip’s War to be rebuilt. However, brief skirmishes and brush fire wars - often fueled by French influence from the Quebec colony - continue to make life in the area dangerous. The War of Incursion rages on and Western Massachusetts becomes a quagmire as The native tribes are reinforced by powerful supply lines running through present-day Canada while the Garou Nation are supported by advanced technology and resources from Boston and England.
1705 During the event known as “Queen Anne’s War,” the settlement of Deerfield is destroyed by Native Americans. During the raid on the town of Deerfield, a major battle takes place between a native pack and Garou Nation pack. An Uktena calls upon spirits to join the battle but attracts the attention of the War Maker. The monstrous bane rampages out of control. The Garou Nation pack is slaughtered but the Pure Ones are inexplicably spared. The War Maker returns to Springfield after the fray, stronger than ever before.
1705 - 1713 Queen Anne's War Though initially considered a resounding victory, the defeat at the Raid on Deerfield becomes a rallying cry for the Garou Nation, galvanizing them. Over the next decade, the Uktena are all but eradicated from the Pioneer Valley and the Wendigo are driven back permanently into strongholds in the Berkshires and Green Mountains.

Meanwhile, the War Maker begins to exert powerful dominion over the town of Springfield, founding a spiritual stronghold that will last for centuries.

1744 - 1748 “King George’s War” serves as a high water mark for Native American martial success in the Northeast.
1754 - 1763 The French and Indian War. The eventual defeat of the alliance between French and Native forces by forces loyal to England effectively eradicates any remaining threat posed to the English colonists. The final defeat of the Wendigo solidifies Garou power in the region. The Uktena and Wendigo become all but extinct in the region.
1760 The First Sept of the White Fields is founded by Edward Shattuck, Athro Theurge of the Silver Fangs, known to the Nation as "Sheds Gaia's Distant Blessings." The caern is located in the town of Amherst in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
1765 - 1781 The American Revolution and subsequent war overthrows the authority of Britain over the thirteen American colonies and creates the United States of America.
1777 The Springfield Armory is founded at Springfield, Massachusetts by Generals Henry Knox and George Washington. David Ames is appointed the armory’s first superintendent.

Captain William Cambell, David Ames’ half-brother, after shocking behavior in the New York and New Jersey campaign, is re-assigned by General Washington to work as an assistant to David Ames at the Springfield Armory.

1778 Captain William Cambell, a Black Spiral Dancer, founds the first Hive at Springfield and allies with the War Maker.
1786 Shay's Rebellion begins
1787, January 25th Shaysite Rebels, under the command of Daniel Shays and Eli Parsons, attempt to capture the Springfield Armory. Due to an intercepted communique, William Shepard’s militia, loyal to Governor Bowdoin, easily dispatched the would-be attackers. Shepard’s militia are scattered back to Amherst and Palmer and, over the next few weeks, rounded up. The rebellion ends. Hoping to use the chaos of Shay’s Rebellion as a cover, packs of the Sept of the White Fields attack the Hive at the Springfield Armory. As with their mundane counterparts, their attack is well-anticipated and the the packs are slaughtered.
1790 - 1900 The Industrial Revolution makes Springfield, MA and its nearby suburbs powerful and influential. The Springfield Armory is the primary manufacturer of weapons for the United States, and several other influential inventions and innovations in manufacturing, chemistry, and transportation come from the Springfield area.

However, despite its many successes, the overall region remains poor. Springfield does not see the rise of the metropolitan elite that other manufacturing cities benefit from and remains, at best, an important but often messy crossroad between other regional powerhouses such as New York and Boston.

For the next century, the Garou Nation battles the Wyrm spreading from their stronghold in Springfield. Territory changes hands over and over and each inch is paid for in blood. Occasionally the Garou are able to make inroads into the Springfield area only to later be fought back out by a new legion of banes, fomori and Black Spiral Dancers.
1791 The Second Sept of the White Fields is founded by Alexander Day, a Shadow Lord Ahroun and veteran of both the Revolutionary War and Shay’s Rebellion.
1813, June 19 The Caern is attacked by a pack of Black Spiral Dancers led by Alistair Cambell from the Hive of Springfield. The attackers are fended off and Alistair Cambell is killed, but the Caern is severely damaged and takes several years to rebuild.
1830, July 31 The Caern is again attacked, this time by "Lord of Maggots" and his pack from Springfield's Hive. Again, they are fended off.
1841 - 1858 "The Siege of the War Maker." This era marks almost twenty years of on-and-off battles with banes, fomori and Black Spiral Dancers loyal to The War-Maker. As tensions ramp up to the American Civil War, The War-Maker ultimately decides to focus on other matters leaving the Sept in a brief period of pre-war peace.
1861 - 1865 The American Civil War Many members of the Sept join the Union Army and head off to war. This decision will ultimately lead to a tragic end for almost all of them.
1863, July 1 - 3 The Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania proves to be a turning-point in the American Civil War and the high-water mark for Confederate progress into Union Territory. The battle is bloody, with over 23,000 killed, wounded, or captured/missing. The 63rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, populated almost entirely by Garou from the Sept of the White Fields, is obliterated in an attack by a group of banes from the penumbra surrounding "Devil's Den" on the Gettysburg battlefield. Only three survive to return to the Sept.
1910 By this time, the Sept of the White Fields has returned to its pre-war population.
1920 The Second Sept of the White Fields begins an alliance with Septs in the eastern part of the state (the Boston area) and begin planning a complex plan to permanently rid the area of the War Maker. It is the hope of the plan’s mastermind, Conrad Hunt - a Silver Fang Theruge - that destroying and confining the War Maker will severely weaken the power the Wyrm has over Springfield.
1928, May 4 A surprise attack by banes allied with the War Maker devastates the Caern at the Sept of the White Fields. Conrad Hunt uses the event to strengthen support for his attack plan.
1938 The towns of Dana, Enfield, Greenwich, and Prescott, Massachusetts are all discorporated and abandoned as part of the Quabbin Reservoir project.
1939, July Packs loyal to the Second Sept of the White Fields’ strategy begins to pay off and the War Maker itself is drawn out to the abandoned area of Hampshire County, Massachusetts. A massive battle is fought between the Garou Nation and the forces of the Wyrm and the War Maker. Huge casualties are suffered on both sides, including the loss of Conrad Hunt’s treasured son. However, eventually the Garou Nation gain the upper hand. The War Maker is defeated; its carcass torn asunder and the remains are bound and buried in the cellars of several abandoned buildings in the area. The other minions of the Wrym return to Springfield to recover. The victory is bittersweet with two thirds of the Garou Nation combatants also lost.
1939, August Dams are built and the Swift River Valley is flooded. Over the next seven years, the Swift River Valley becomes the Quabbin Reservoir
1944, May Conrad Hunt’s only remaining son is killed in battle in Europe during World War II. Left with no heir, he begins to become obsessed with the Sept’s future. He brings a pack on a quest into the Umbra to find a way to finish the war.
1945 Conrad Hunt returns from the Umbra, clearly disturbed, and presents the Prophecy known as “The Black City on the White Field.”
1946 Conrad Hunt brings Victor Wojcik to the shores of the Quabbin Reservoir. He throws his klaive into the waters and declares “The Sept of the White fields drowned in that lake with the monsters it fought so long. Dead things should remain that way. The Sept begins anew with you.” He shifted into Lupus form and disappeared into the wilds around the Quabbin Reservoir, never to be heard from again.
1947 The Third Sept of the White Fields is founded by Victor Wojcik, Ahroun of the Shadow Lords.
1950 - 1965 A period of relative peace for the Pioneer Valley. Intermittent skirmishes continue between packs loyal to the Sept of the White Fields and the minions of the Wyrm. Springfield and its immediate suburbs remain firmly in the control of the Wyrm but make little progress in expanding their influence.
1960 Springfield Plastics, a division of Endron, opens "Plant 1302" in Springfield, MA which becomes a powerful economic driver in the area.
1965 The construction of Plant 1302 comes with a massive reinforcement of the Wyrm’s power in the area. Attacks on the Third Sept of the White Fields begin with increased fervor. The Sept decides to pursue a tactic of economic warfare and work to shut down the Springfield Armory, hoping that doing so will cripple the Hive.
1968 The Springfield Armory is shuttered. It becomes a museum.
1970 - 2000 The closure of the Springfield Armory ultimately has the opposite effect than what the Third Sept of the White Fields intended. The initial loss of industry leads to a wave of crime in the area. Combined with the rise of the handgun, many of which remain manufactured at Smith & Wesson in Springfield and Colt (and later Glock) in Connecticut, emboldens the minions of the Wyrm. All out battle for the Pioneer Valley rages anew, with territory often changing hands.
1978, July 26 James "The Blade in Frost" Heller becomes the first pack leader to successfully attack the Pit below the old Springfield Armory in the history of the Sept.
1978, December 18 James Heller challenges Victor Wojcik for Sept Leadership but fails. Shortly thereafter, he leaves for a quest in the Umbra. He does not return for over a year and is believed dead.
1980, January 1 James Heller returns from the umbra bearing several powerful fetishes for the Sept.
1985 James Heller becomes a Sept Guardian
1996, January 15 The Caern is attacked by a pack from the Hive of Springfield, signalling the Hive's resurgence in the post-War-Maker era. "Stands in Wait", the Warder of the Sept, is killed but Heller leads the remaining Guardians to victory over the Hive. For this, he gains the new deed name "Stands against the Winter Wind."
1997 James Heller become the new Warder of the Sept of the White Fields
2000 The “Age of Apocalypse” begins (See Chronicle Timeline)
2008, October Springfield Plastic’s operations based out of Plant 1302 in Springfield begin a working partnership with Lasseter Materials at the Amherst Quarry for specialized building materials for new storage tanks. Part of the arrangement involves increased security at the site, run by a subsidiary of Pentex. Fomori from Springfield begin to mass at the Amherst Quarry. Skirmishes are fought between the fomori and the Red Sky pack from Pelham that lead to little change in ground. Despite the Red Sky pack’s failure, the fomori at this location do not make any significant actions against the Sept in Hampshire County.
2009, May 23 Wyrm forces loyal to the Dark Brigade found a Wyrm Tunnel at the old Mt. Tom power plant. The Eyre House pack is destroyed attempting to stop them.
2009, May 25 Endron announces that it will be halting power production operations at Mt. Tom Station and shuttering the plant. Most staff is let go rapidly. A large amount of security is suddenly seen at the property as part of the “transition process.” Fomori and BSDs from Springfield rapidly fortify the Mt. Tom Station.
2009, June 1 Several small explosions are reported in a tent city on the banks of the Connecticut River in Northampton. Six are killed. The perpetrators are never found. Three of the Sept’s guardians are killed battling Wyrm forces from Mt. Tom Station on the banks of the CT River, as well as a “Gold in the Hills,” a local Bastet who was a longtime ally of the Sept.
2009, June 2 A massive house fire in Pelham leaves Victor Wojcik and his pack stranded and under attack by banes.

The Fomori based at the Amherst Quarry begin to march on Amherst. The Red Sky back is destroyed trying to hold them back. They begin to head west to the eastern flank of the Caern’s bawn.

The fomori based at Mt. Tom Station converge on the western flank of the Caern’s bawn.

The mystical rites that protect the Caern find themselves inexplicably broken and the caern is over-run by the minions of the Wyrm. With it clear that the Caern will be lost, Warder James "Stands against the Winter Wind" Heller and most of the remaining guardians mount a final stand against the onslaught, buying time for Mr. Tom and Mary Wylde to arrange an escape for the cubs and many other members of the Sept.

2009, June 3 After an all-night battled, the caern at the Sept of the White Fields is destroyed. James Heller and all Sept guardians but Mr. Tom (who arranged the rear guard for the escaping cubs) are killed. Fortunately, the Wyrm forces are weakened enough that they leave the area and are not able to corrupt it enough to become a Wyrm Tunnel.

For the rest of 2009, the remaining members of the Sept fight several skirmishes trying to take back the area around the former Caern. The Sept are able to keep the former bawn from becoming too corrupted, but lose ground in other areas of Western MA.

2010 - 2014 Several towns in the region change hands several times in constant skirmishes between the Wyrm forces and the Sept; including Greenfield, Whately, Haydenville, Williamsburg, Easthampton, Southampton and Westfield.

The chaos on the territory’s western edge makes reinforcing the Sept virtually impossible from Albany, Hartford, and points South and West.

The spirits area around the Quabbin Reservoir begins acting strangely making it difficult to use as a base of operations. Fortunately, the same unusual behavior keeps the Wyrm forces from being re-inforced by their stronghold in Worcester, MA.

The region finds itself in near constant battle.

2014, December 21 Arthur McKinnon, former resident of Montague, MA, and long-estranged father of local contractor/artist Henry McKinnon and Mac McKinnon, owner of “The White Hall” in Amherst, MA, is arrested by Shelburne police along with a large group of men and women for disturbing the peace after they are discovered on the Bridge of Flowers. Arthur McKinnon and a motley of changelings meet with Henry McKinnon and Mac McKinnon and agree to an alliance with the Sept.
2015, December 25 Mary Wylde presents Alice Gainsly, “Gold in the Hills’” widow, with a peculiar housecat. She warns Alice that this cat is an orphaned Celican cub and that she needs her help to prepare it for its first change and teach it the ways of the Bastet.
2016, March Benefitting from various alliances, packs of the Third Sept of the White Fields are able to drive the minions of the Wyrm back through Franklin and Hampshire county, setting up the final battle at Mt. Tom Station.
2016, April 1-4 The hive and Wyrm Tunnel at Mt. Tom Station is destroyed. The minions of the wyrm are then driven back into Springfield where the hive at the Springfield Armory is severely weakened.

Victor Wojcik is severely injured, permanently losing his left leg, eye, and several fingers on his right hand.

Arthur McKinnon and several members of his motley are killed. Most of the remaining members leave the battle clearly shell-shocked and weakened. Most are never heard from again.

The victory is pyrrhic at best, with the population of the Sept decimated by the battle. Few of those below the Adren rank survive.

2016, August A fire at a motel in South Hadley claims the life of one unidentified man. The remains of Weeps the Blood of Past Battles, the Metis-born Glass Walker Philodox who had served as the Sept of the White Field's Warder following the death of James Heller, are found in the ruins of a burnt-out South Hadley motel room. He had been missing for several weeks, and had been acting very depressed following the Battle of Mt. Tom; many suspected that, in the aftermath of the war, the spirit sickness of Harano rapidly overcame him. Shortly afterwards, Mary Wylde offered to serve as the Sept's Warder on an interim basis until such time as her current group of cubs are ready for their rite of passage or another stands up to take the position.
2016, July A newscaster on a local radio station reports a story about how, while biking along Rt. 5 early in the morning, near the Dinosaur tracks in Holyoke, he “could have sworn he heard something growling in the underbrush...something that definitely wasn’t an animal he was used to hearing.” Several others report seeing strange sights and sounds in the area, especially at dawn and dusk. The Gauntlet in the periphery around the Dinosaur tracks in Holyoke breaks down, turning the area into a Broken Land.
2017, July Victor Wojick announces his intention to step down as the Sept Leader, calling upon "new blood" to take his place.

Yuri "Void That Whispers" Valkov becomes the Sept's Wymfoe. Vance "Looks and Listens" Allen becomes the Sept's Truthcatcher. Damir "Kind One" becomes the Sept's Master of Challenges.

2017, August The Great American Eclipse occurs on August 21st. The Penumbra goes dark worldwide for a month. Henry "Carved From The Trees" McKinnon, the Sept's Talesinger, is killed while investigating the event.

A hidden lab run by a Pentex subsidiary called Dynatron in the old Belchertown State School is raided and destroyed by members of the Sept. It is discovered that horrific experiments on kinfolk had been taking place.

Property in Sunderland is purchased and work begins on preparing the area for housing a future Shard Seed.

The broken land at the Holyoke Dinosaur Tracks is repaired.

2017, October Bucking with tradition, and in a possible breach of the Litany, Damir "Kind Eye" challenges for and becomes the Leader of the Sept of the White Fields. Many of the aging members of the Sept leave on a final war party and are never heard from again.
2017, November Damir "Kind Eye" negotiates with the Wild Fire Pack from Philadelphia and obtains a Shard Seed from the Silver Tara Caern. It is planted in the Sept's new caern site and Badger becomes the fledgling Caern's Totem. Mary "Iron Heart" Wylde becomes the new Caern's Warder.
2017, December Sol Invictus pack, along with a Garou scientist named Eyes of Shadow, return from a trip into the Umbra bearing, among other things, information from Frog on how to build the Talen of the Good Death; an inoculation of sorts against the False Bite.

Damir "Kills with Kindness" (ne "Kind Eye") announces the Sept Laws of the new Sept of the White Fields.

2018, April Mary "Iron Heart" Wylde, Warder of the Sept of the White Fields, passes away.

It is discovered that James "Stands Against the Winter Wind" Heller, not only survived the fall of the previous Caern, but has fallen to The Wyrm.

2018, June 2nd A massive sinkhole opens up in downtown Springfield near the site of the old Springfield Armory. Many portions of the Historic Site and museum are destroyed, as are portions of the nearby college and a few nearby apartment buildings. Dozens are killed and hundreds more are wounded. Suspicion is left on unstable ground in an old part of the city perhaps shaken by nearby construction on I-91 and on the new casino complex.

A truck accident and subsequent hazmat spill and fire on Rt. 63 in Sunderland, MA leaves 20 dead, including the driver, a group of hikers in the area including an off-duty West Springfield police officer named Yuri Valkov, and an elderly couple in a nearby home who succumbed to the toxic gas.

The Fall of the Hive.

Forces from the Sept of the White Fields successfully defeat Black City and his forces, destroying the Hive of Springfield. Unfortunately, there is significant collateral damage as the cave system that housed the Pit collapses.

Meanwhile, forces from the Hive wage an assault on the defenders of the Caern, causing the destruction of the Caern's Waystation. They are fought back before damaging the Caern heart, but the victory leaves several dead, including many kinfolk, the Sept's Truthcatcher, Death Speaker, and a young Fianna Theurge named Oak Embers. Many others are seriously wounded.

2018, July 7th Damir, the Elder Kitsune known the Nation as "Kills with Kindness" is defeated by Augusta Williams, the Adren Child of Gaia known to the Nation as "Three Step," in a challenge for Leader of the Sept of the White Fields.

Christopher Torres, the Springfield City Councilman and Athro Glass Walker, known to the Nation as "Lost to Time," defeats Gaston Saint-Pierre, known to the Nation as "Veilled Assets," in a challenge and becomes the Sept of the White Fields' Truthcatcher.

2018, August Many in Springfield report begin reporting suffering from an array of respiratory distress and irritability, a syndromne commonly referred to as "Armory Cough." Wassador Mahegan becomes Wyrmfoe of the Sept of the White Fields.

Several members of the Sept die in assassinations from unknown hunters.

2018, August 24 MGM Grand Casino in Springfield, MA opens.

Reports of a disaster in Zurich killing and injuring many notable names in Business and Finance heralds the beginning of an economic downturn across the world.

The beginning of the Pentex Civil War
2018, September 1 A chemical spill shutters the Western Massachusetts branch of Magadon Pharmaceuticals for several days Henri D'Corbin, known to the Nation as "Seeker of Spiders" becomes Fool of the Sept of the White Fields.
2018, September 20 Starting at 4 am Eastern, a massive network failure cripples the internet across the world for approximately 24 hours. #HackThePlanet