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This character has been retired and is now an NPC
The day we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity.


Serafina Pisanob is a noted Archaeologist, Occult Researcher, Necromancer, and member of La Familia Michoacána cartel. Her reputation is for the most part that of a well-educated member of kindred society who until recently has rarely been seen much in public since the mid 1980's. She's known for being an excellent conversationalist when one catches her during one of her rare breaks from research, and delights in sharing knowledge, for the right price.


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Serafina is of Latin-American descent with dark chestnut-brown hair, and unsettlingly intense yellow-gold eyes. She is roughly average height and a bit on the curvy / heavier side with overall pleasantly-average looks. She usually wears glasses, and favors understatedly stylish, dark-colored dresses and skirts with dramatic smokey-eyed makeup.

She is very obviously on a path, though she somehow manages to still be quite charismatic in spite of this - presenting herself as a calm, practical, and level-headed adviser as opposed to the stereotypical "emotionally flat" follower of her family's path.

Status & Standing

Current standing within the Independent Alliance

Abiding Statuses
Innate Statuses
  • Accepted - Granted 2011
Fleeting Statuses
  • Reverent - Granted Dec 2017 by Sebastian Teotl Pisanob, Giovanni Doyen of San Diego
  • Courteous - Granted Dec 2017 by Sebastian Teotl Pisanob, Giovanni Doyen of San Diego
  • Honorable - Granted Jan 2018 by Jai Van de Berg, Setite Doyen of Los Angeles
  • Favored - Granted Feb 2018 by Azlan Teotl, Giovanni Emissary of San Bernardino
  • Loyal - Granted Feb 2018 by Jai Van de Berg, Setite Doyen of Los Angeles.

Time Line

1884 - Born in Guadalajara, Mexico
1902 - Moves to Belmont, CA to attend The College of Notre Dame - at the time a private, catholic women’s college.
1906 - Graduates with BA in Historical Archaeology
1908 - Ghouled by Lucas Pisanob
1917 - Embraced by Lucas Pisanob
1976 - Moved to San Diego, CA
1999 - Joined La Familia Michoacána cartel


Rumors, lies and half truths

* Serafina deals in antiquities and rare texts.
* She fell into Torpor when the Red Star rose, and only recently arose.
* She once disemboweled a ghoul for interrupting her while she was reading. He survived, barely.
* She has a twin sister with whom she competes endlessly. Their mother died in a Sabbat raid in the 1800's.
* Before her embrace, she was a hedge mage.
* Should one have the luck to find antiques from early cults of Santa Muerte, the icons may have yellow eyes.
* She once made out with James Miller, Harpy of Los Angeles at a party.
* Some are calling her an infernalist.


Through the eyes of her peers

* "She's not talented. Necromancy is something that comes natural to her like a bird in flight or the changing of the seasons. She's pretentious in her own way, and a bit of a pain in the ass, yeah? Doesn't give you permission to hurt her. Unless you want to get hit." - Pilar Pisanob
* “Ms. Serafina makes me question my teachings that all non-humane Kindred want to eat my soul. I mean, she’d certainly *study* it but I doubt she’s eat a research subject.” — Marianne Dashwood
* "Well, I was going to give her a boon, but I think we're even now." - Jai Van de Berg
* "Odd, but wonderful! Keeps to herself an awful lot, but actually knows a thing or fifty if you actually end up having something important to ask her about" - Anastasia Giovanni
* "The less adorable version of Pilar." - Dr. Villanueva
* "I missed seeing her wear someone else's face but I know exactly what I'm putting on her bracelet!!" -Mel

La Familia.jpg

La Familia.jpg


Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Family: Pisanob
Position: None
Sire: Lucas Pisanob
Generation 10th
Lineage: Teotl Pisanob-Giovanni

OOC Information

Player: NPC
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Cameron McCoy
Contact: San Diego C/A VST