Serena Kree

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General Information

Name: Serena Kree
Deed Name: Bitter Pill
Rank: Fostern
Fera: Corax
Faction: Independent
Pack: Seker's Light under Firebird
Background: History
Tales including her: Warehouse Ritual, The Northern Front

Notable Traits:

  • Very knowledgeable, both in academis and Lores




"A frail old lady, but her mind is as good as ever. She helped me when I needed it most, and I owe her one for that. ... Well, more than one... But in any case, I'll watch her back if she's in trouble." - Carrion Crowe

"She is my pack sister. It still feels strange to say that about a Corax, and yet it is true in every sense. To deny that Serena Bitter Pill has been essential in pursuing the purpose of Seker's Light would be to deny Gaia's own wisdom. She is not a warrior, but like ravens guide wolves, she helps us to find our prey. And what she lacks in patience and civility, she makes up for in deep wisdom and a cutting wit." - Ambrose Silverheart


"I do not think I have ever laughed in the middle of battle before. But, despite the carnage and seriousness of the situation, I couldn't help myself when she pooped in the femori's eyes." - Sylvi Anker

"Serena is... well, was, a surprise. She joined Seker's Light and I find that we are all the better for it. I have come to appreciate her more than I could have imagined, even, or especially, her peculiarities." - Zeina Sabry

"Please add your own." - Name



She is not actually very intelligent, but hoards tomes and looks them up on the sly.

She is a consultant for several Elders and Sept Alphas.

Bitter Pill loses feathers every time she flies, she is so old.


Friends and Allies

Carrion Crowe - Took him under her wing after his surprise Firsting



OOC Information

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