Serenity Crane

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Serenity Crane

Clan: Toreador Antitribu
Sect: Sabbat
Faction: Status Quo
Pack: Ashen Crowns
Titles: Vicar of the Status Quo Faction
Player: Paige H.
Diocese: Essex County, MA
VST: Matt B.


Description and Notable Traits

  • Formerly a member of the (now deceased) Essex-based artist collective known as La Tempesta.
  • She speaks with a southern drawl.
  • She appears to be about 30.
  • Obviously inhuman (Path of Death and the Soul).

Status Traits


  • Initated as a True Sabbat.



  • Loyal by word of Jaggedy Andy Cardinal of Canada
  • Defender by word of Archbisop Alqanae

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History: Timeline

Serenity Crane has never been big in the empathy department. Having grown up torturing bugs and animals and developing a fascination with the grotesque, no one was surprised when she went to university to learn to be a crime scene reporter. After moving up to Boston from Atlanta for university, Serenity Crane was embraced in 1970 while she was working for a news station doing on the scene reporting of grisly accidents, murders, and attacks. She spent several years working with her sire's pack "Live Light" and participating in a Cainite artist collective known as La Tempesta before taking to the road. A natural loner, Serenity killed her way across the country making art, eventually learning Death and the Soul and creating several collections of photography before returning to Essex. Upon her return, she and her new pack, "Vein Reapers," fought valiantly in the nights of turmoil under Neron, until one by one each packmate died or disappeared, leaving Serenity alone again. Following the nights of turmoil, Serenity retreated into her art, only coming out for the High Holy Days, as she worked on a new collection. Serenity returned to public participation in the sword in March of 2019, becoming templar to her archbishop in June, only to leave the title behind after becoming Vicar of the Status Quo in August of 2019.

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  • Serenity is empowered by Caine to fight more efficiently than is typical of someone her age and generation.
  • Serenity is a curse to any pack she joins, as all of her former packmates have died or disappeared.
  • Serenity captured the moment Neron died on film, only to have her camera be destroyed during the fight.

Allies, Associates, and Enemies


About Serenity Crane

  • "Cute gimmick. Perhaps ripe for the picking. The Voivoide could be interested in a new pupil." -- The Basilisk
  • "Serenity? Is that her name? Cool yea, she's great. I love her make up. Really provocative although could use more blood and anguish, ya know? But she's cool for a Moderate. Or like, the Moderate since she's Vicar? Or is she going to be VIcar? I forget, I wasn't paying attention in that meeting. I out my phone on record and just browsed Twitter but the audio got weird so it' hard to listen to. I'm going to buy a new phone, as soon as the latest iPhone comes out. Rose Gold, obvi! *Trails off about himself*" -- Johnny Bellamy
  • "You have made yourself a very intriguing person to continue to keep an eye on. Looking forward to next we meet." -Roach
  • "Anything they can't reach with a lens they can reach with a gun. I am unclear which is more dangerous." -- Gunther_McAllister
  • "She always has that camera with her. Makes one wonder, how much death she has captured with it...." -- Syl
  • "Fucking Toreador think they look better than the Lasombra, and my god, is it sad. Like, one time, Bellamy and I were screaming at each other, well, more accurately, I was screaming at him and throwing furniture, I think I threw a car...and all Bellamy did was check his phone, that scumbag whore. What? Bellamy is a Ventrue? Well, fuck them too. Wait, what? Serenity? Oh, she's cool, I want to see her ripped on a five day bender and then get her working, I think she'd benefit from that." -- Mordechai
  • "Oh my god, I had the best time with Serenity after the Synod in Tombstone. We'd found some local addicts and were playing Colombian Roulette by randomly overdosing them on whatever drugs we had and then feeding on them randomly. You should've seen her face when she tried to bite this guy and his fucking blood vessels exploded! Outfit ruined! Wait, actually, I think that was Mordechai, not Serenity. We'll have to invite her next time." -- Johnny Bellamy
  • "Not even close to an artist as I understand the definition, but at least she proved that Sabbat and Unblinded Brotherhood don't play on the same team. Small solace." -- Thaddeus Moreau

By Serenity

  • "I never miss a shot or a shot."

OOC Inspirations

  • Nightcrawler
  • The Evil Within 2
  • Velvet Buzzsaw
  • Dance with the Dead