Sergio Pagani

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Character Information
Clan: Ghoul
Sect: Independent Alliance
City: Baton Rouge, LA
Player: Glen D.
Storyteller: Kaci St. Romain

Character Information

Name: Sergio Pagani
Born: May 18, 1843

Notable interests: Driving, Sailing, running errands and Security
Noticeable traits:

Information Known by Kindred Society

Sergio has used many names over the years in service to Matteo Rinaldo Giovanni. Even though he as worked diligently and faithfully, his heritage is not Giovanni and therefore not fit to ever be more than a tool.

General Timeline


  • 1860s - Becomes a retainer/property for Matteo Rinaldo Giovanni
    • 1860 - Present: Based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana






  • His age and faithful service gives him special privileges.


  • " I understand my role in all of this, do you?"
  • "It is a privilege to serve the Family."
  • "Everyone is someone's tool."


All types are welcome.

OOC Information

Player: Glen D.

MES Number: US2002116854

Location: Baton Rouge, LA