Seth Clay

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Seth Clay

Information Known by the Children of Caine

Name:Seth Clay of House Pythia
Faction:Status Quo
Path: Power and the Inner Voice

Initiated as True Sabbat

Notable Traits: Seth Clay keeps his face obscured in the shadows beneath his wide brimmed hat. It's been said that the face behind the shadows is scarred heavily down one side. The Cainite that goes simply by "Clay" is well known for his zeal in exterminating enemies of the Sabbat (and clan Lasombra), as well as his cruel, methodical brutality in doing so. He carries himself with a self-assured sense of superiority bordering on arrogance.

Timeline of Events


Commonly Believed Stories


  • Many wonder why such an instrument of brute force is the son of a house of scholars. Some whisper that he's house Pythia's enforcer. Others say he has a keen mind behind all that brawn, a prospect that makes him MUCH more dangerous..and much more useful as he seems.
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Known Associates

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Quotes about Seth Clay

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  • Darth Vader
  • Ser Gregor "The Mountain" Clegaine
  • Lord Soth of Dargaard Keep

OOC Information

Player: Rich Smith

Player Email:

Storyteller: Zachary W. Green (MO-28-D DST)

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