Seth Gold

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Seth Gold

Notable Traits: Infamous Brood

Society: Independent Alliance

Clan: Follower of Set

Auto-Biography, AKA, History according to Seth

Seth was born in 1970, in Statton Island NY.

By the age of one, he was speaking in full sentences, and was able to read by age two.

At age 11, Seth was National Judo champion of his age division.

An autodidact, Seth taught himself advanced Mathmatics and English, getting his GED at age 13

Seth graduated from college at 16, and was in the process of defending his Masters Thesis in both Computer Science and Mathematics when he was scouted for clan Setite.

Seth is sired into The Followers of Set. Despite coming for an inauspicious line, he quickly asserts himself, becoming indispensable to the clan and then the sect.


  • Seth is a skilled Hacker, and his skills are for sale.
  • Seth is always willing to bring his influence, allies, contacts, or resources into the fray on the side of the highest bidder.
  • Seth would never lie. He is totally truthful.
  • Is one of the three greatest problem solving minds in the world, with a statistical score of one in 2.1 billion.
  • Has tested and been offered membership for the Mega Society and Mensa, but is far too humble.
  • He fights like Gaston.
  • Seth is even younger that he says. Like, 20 years younger.
  • He has been found Honorable and Loyal
    • Okay, that is just a line too fucking far. All the rest of the bullshit I was going to let go, but Honorable and Loyal? The fuck you say...


  • Come on down to Set Church. We're spreading the light of the God of Darkness!
  • If at first you don't succeed, RAGE QUIT!
  • "You should come on down to Set Church!" - Seth
    • "Yeah, okay. See you next week." - Kansas City
      • "...fuck I was not prepared for that response."
  • "All I wanted to do was be a crass asshole and say 'Praise Set' within earshot of the probably sabbat, and now I gotta do things like 'make good' and 'not dissappoint the Doyen.' Fuck!" - Seth

OOC Information

Player: Nate T.

Player Email:

Storyteller: Melissa Eaton

Storyteller Email:

Location: Newton, Iowa