Seth Taggart

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Inquisitor Taggart
Name:Seth Motherfucking Taggart
Positions:Judge Inquisitor
Generation:Wouldn’t you like to fucking know?
Pack:Righteous Indignation


Initiated into the Sabbat
Purified as a Judge Inquisitor


The Following is only known to members of the Sabbat Sect

Things to know
  • Prom King 2007 - Hawthorne Prep
"Torpor first, ask questions later."
Notable Traits
  • On Path of Metamorphosis
  • Loud & Angry
  • Zealous
"Guilty until proven innocent."
"I am a bulldog not some fucking poodle."
  • "Seth is fucking incorrigible. And yet I still crave spending my nights with him above all others." - Valerie Evans
  • "This one's outbursts make him the shame of the Metamorphosists. The way he bickers, he sounds like an Anarch. Distasteful." - The Basilisk
  • "Don't get me wrong, Taggart is a huge asshole. I half expect someone will someday beat him to death with his own keyboard and the list of suspects will only begin with the entire Sabbat. But for all the controversy that constantly comes out of his mouth, he gets results. He is a soldier, by which I mean 11 months out of the year he's drunk and starting fights but on that 12th month you're reminded of why you tolerate him." - Sage
  • "Taggart is basically just an Inquisition Vending Machine; pull the lever and an accusation will come out. What's frustrating about it is that he usually ends up being right." - Dorian Alvarez
  • "I was very much looking forward to meeting him. Sadly he... what is the word... bailed? And did not come to visit after all." *disappointed sigh* - Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora
  • "He is a nuisance. Everytime he speaks I wish to fleshcraft my ears shut so I do not have his babbling. First he disgraces the very CLAN he comes from. Making the Tzimisce look like children. It fills me with anger, must you always be so hotheaded and crass? Have some decorum.." Emilia Odobleja
  • "He claims to be a follower of Metamorphosis, Change for the sake of improvement is good. I hope his next change is to implant a fucking spine." Gabriel Thompson
  • "Disappointing" Daniel
  • "I can absolutely see why people hate him. He's insufferable, arrogant, and he hits like a cement truck that is on fire. But I can not help but admire his single minded dedication to eradicating all things infernal." Marianne Dashwood
  • "Taggart excels at two things. Starting shit on the internet and killing heretics and the infernal. For the sake of our inboxes, we really need to find him more work." Vincent Waldren
  • "Of all the idiocies I heard the Sabbat spew at Conclave, this monster's idea of a cross-sect Inquisition almost made sense. Almost. We'll be watching." Thaddeus Moreau
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