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Name: Sevda
Clan: Harbinger of Skulls
Apparent Age: Very Dead
Current Location: Martinique
Position: None


Sevda is fond of the Regency period and so is often seen in poofy skirts and corsets. She presents most often as an Matronly woman in a veil. Under her veil can be seen a porcelain mask, popular from the time. Behind the mask and gloves, her light grey skin is pulled too tight over skeletal features. Her eyes, long since gone, are now silver pin pricks of light in sunken sockets. It is also not uncommon for her to walk with a cane.


Sabbat PC

Player: Ian Mosley
Clan: Harbinger of Skulls
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: Martinique
VST: | Caroline Tanzi VST

IC Email: Ian Mosley


Character Information


Sevda is the bad-ass grandmother you always wished you had. She puts up with zero gruff from youngsters and is always interested in asking them why they're doing what they're doing. Despite the masks she is animated in her body language and laughs often in a cracked and creepy kind of way. She is happy to play the part of the authority figure when needed, but is also happy to sit and knit and wait for foolishness to entertain her. One thing she cannot seem to abide is useless or boring people.


Sevda is not secretive about her past. She was born in Turkey and eventually taken to Kaymakli, where she and the rest of everyone she had ever known were locked in a cave and slaughtered. She was raised in the cave, gifted the necessary knowledge to survive, and studied with ancient monsters. When the time came to leave the Cave (and the Shadowlands), she helped to guard the ritual workers as they did the deed.

Back among the living, Sevda spent many years wandering the middle east, learning about the new world. Eventually she was found by the Hand and rescued from hunters, taken to Mexico City where she was reunited with her Grandsire and found renewed purpose. Now she helps the Sabbat against its enemies and tries to remind her fellow Harbingers, and the Sword, about why living forever is a blessing.


  • 1999 to 2004 - Homeless woman in turkey for 5 years

The night sky was so much brighter than I remember it.

  • 2004 rise of the Sabbat inquisition and destruction of the Black Hand

Hiding and running from hunters, learning the path of Cathari

  • 2005 boons to the Black Hand. Travel to Mexico City to formally join the Sabbat

Help the new Black Hand to relocate victims of hunters and inquisitors.

  • 2008 Mexico City assists in teaching to respect Caine's Laws and the Silence of the Blood.

Teach Path of Cathari and Laws of Caine to surviving Sabbat.

  • 2009 Rejoin Unre and assist in the destruction of Giovanni.

We are nothing without our families.

  • 2011 the formation of the independent alliance

Travels to Martinique and establishes herself in a quiet colonial house in Port de France. Feud with the Children of Lazarus?

  • 2012 The Chicago Blood Accords
  • 2017 Black hand goes to Africa to investigate rumors and are never heard from again

Known Associates


  • Capadocious
    • Japheth
      • Unre
        • Ungol (Status unknown)
          • Savda



Other Persons

Fallen Friends





  • Maggie Smith
    • Violet Crowley (Downton Abby)
    • Professor Mcgonagall
  • Judi Dench
    • M
  • Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam
  • Sandman's Death


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