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Physical Description

Shabaqo is skeletally thin man of Nubian heritage, with dark skin that is translucent enough that the paleness of his bones shows through. Most of his head is shaved except for a topknot at the crown, clearly displaying small pointed ears. A strong jawline and large thoughtful eyes, searching for purpose, dominate his face.

Brief History

Shabago was born in Napata, the capital of the Nubian empire, where he acted as a royal huntsman to the god-kings of his land and his skill earned him patronage as a ghoul. In 1290 BCE, the Nubian empire was overcome by the Followers of Set and Shabaqo was severely injured during the change in power, but was saved from certain death through the Embrace. Shabaqo then roamed alone into the depths of the Sahara, where he fought dangerous creatures and hunted for the occasional Setite. Mostly, he spent the next centuries alone, contemplating the night, searching for purpose. In the 10th century, he learned of the Islamic faith and traveled to Muslim Spain where, after many conversations with the Assamite Muslims there, he converted as well. By virtue of his age, generation, and skill as a hunter, the Nubian inspired others of his clan to do the same. Those who followed his example took the name of Taifa Gangrel and became scholar-warriors instead of animalistic predators. While this movement spread, Shabaqo joined the Camarilla. He is glad that his actions inspired younger Cainites, but strongly believes that every vampire must face Allah in their own way, and stayed in Spain rather than lead them in battle.

Current Status

Shabaqo has joined the Camarilla to continue his lifelong rivalry with the Followers of Set.

Known Childer


Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 100 BCE to 1400 CE Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Camarilla or Unaligned
  • Path: Humanity or Heaven
  • Special: Shabaqo’s lineage refers to themselves as Taifa, not Gangrel. They will correct themselves if instructed by someone of station but they are proud of their distinction and will often explain it before correcting themselves.
  • Special: Shabaqo’s childer are all devout Muslims, either raised that way during their accounting or converted to such after 1005 CE. On the same side they all actively strive towards the downfall of other religions. This doesn’t require outright religious persecution but his lineage has often been embroiled in social and political rivalries that are rooted in religious differences. (OOC: be respectful of other players when fulfilling this requirement. This is not an excuse for religious bullying)
  • Special: The mortal enemy of Shabaqo’s lineage are the Setites. All his children are instructed about the dangers and risks of interacting with Followers of Set. Childer are encouraged to take the Intolerance Flaw, as none of them should work with the Independent Alliance or any Followers of Set.


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