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Information Known by the Garou Nation


Name: Shadow-of-Innocence

Tribe: Red Talons

Camp: Warders of the Land

Rank: Fostern

Auspice: Galliard

Pack: Raptors of the Northern Sky

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Karonhia'Ke


Born: Some time ago, after the shadow curtain rose but before the red star shone. (1990)

First Change: Some time ago, after the shadow curtain rose but before the red star shone. (1994)

Rite of Passage: Some time ago, after the shadow curtain rose but before the red star shone. (1994)

Fostern Rank Challenge: Some time ago, after the shadow curtain rose but before the red star shone. (1997)

Notable events:

  • He left his original Sept some time after the red star shone but before the age of apocalypse (early 2000s) and started showing up in Toronto.


Shadow-of-Innocence is a master at stalking his prey in a forest of steel and glass, he acts as a spy for the Garou Nation and when necessary an assassin. He was born under the protection of his tribe in one of the few wild places left in the world. That was a long time ago however, and his connection to his wolf-heart has gradually dwindled, He feels alienated from his breed and seeks only to fulfill his duty to Gaia so that other wolves don’t have to.


Shadow-of-Innocence began his life on a Red Talon nature preserve far from human eyes. His mother was a Red Talon Ahroun and his father a Red Talon kin-wolf. He was the smallest of his litter and his mother didn't harbor much hope for him. Nevertheless he grew to maturity, once his second winter passed he left his pack and soon afterward met his mate, Leaps-Through-Fire. What followed was the happiest time of Shadow-of-Innocence' life, he and his mate lived as wolves do and soon had a litter of their own. The pair were the Alphas of their own wolf pack, and though they were aware of the Garou watching over them they rarely had much to do with them.

Shadow-of-Innocence experienced his first change late for a Lupus, but his mother tracked him down after hearing about his change and helped him transition into his new role. At first he tried to maintain his life in his wolf pack as separate from his duties as a Garou. Over time little things began to separate him from his pack, a result of his human-mind causing him to act strangely and his kin not understanding. Eventually the distance between them became impossible to ignore. His pack mates no longer even challenged him for station, after all how could they hope to win. Only Leaps-Through-Fire seemed to act no different around him after his change, and in what seemed like no time at all she had passed away. The Life of a Garou is much longer than that of a wolf after all.

It was this thought that spurred Shadow-of-Innocence to accept that he was not truly a wolf any longer. He soon felt that his presence in his pack was subverting their natural state and decided he could best serve them by throwing himself into his duties to Gaia. So he left his home and journeyed to a place he could do the most good, a human hive which other Tribes call Toronto.


Looking for:

Shadow-of-Innocence was born on a Red Talon "nature Preserve" maintained by the Warders of the Land but left in the early 2000s. I'm looking for firends, mentors, mentees, or family relations from his time there.

Shadow-of-Innocence has a weapon fetish in the form of an arm band called 'Griffin's Rebuke' which aids the user in destroying the creations of man. I' looking for someone to have crafted the fetish.

Shadow-of-Innocence has participate in hunts with winter packs in the past. I'm looking for payers who were on said hunts with him.

If you can think of any other sort of tie send me a message on fb, any and all ties are welcome.


  • Shadow-of-Innocence is rumored to have participated in hunts with winter packs, he is also believed to have assassinated several humans on his own since his arrival in Toronto in the early 2000s
  • There are whispers that Shadow-of-Innocence has become tainted by exposure to the wyrm after spending too much time spying its agents, some even claim to have seen him conversing with them.
  • Supposedly Shadow-of-Innocence had a family in his original Sept. Some say they died tragically, which drove him to leave. Others say he simply abandoned them as his responsibility to them was impeding his duty to Gaia.
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  • "Wolves don't grieve, not even for themselves"
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OOC Information

Player: Gabriel LB

Storyteller: Patrick-Seán Morrissey

Player Facebook: Gabe LB

Storyteller Email:

Location: Toronto, Canada