Shaelle Masseau

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Shaelle Masseau
Clan: Lasombra
Morality: On a Path
Sect: Sabbat
Notable Traits: Angelic Visage

Sabbat Status

Fleeting: Devout, Devout, Honorable, Loyal, Battle-scarred


Shaelle's lack of reflection clearly marks her as Lasombra, with jet black eyes. In public, she stands around 5'8 with pale skin and black curls usually pushed over one shoulder. She avoids humans whenever possible, using her ghoul for any necessary interactions, and makes efforts to hide her appearance either through changing her face, or simply travelling as a shadow (her preferred option). Her accent still has strong traces of her native French. Despite an Angelic Visage, it's clear that Shaelle follows a Path of Enlightenment.


Born in 1672 to a noble French family, Shaelle was interested early on in the study of history and religion early on. Those interests drove her to travel to the town of Juilly, France where she met her sire, Aurelien, who graciously offered her his library for her studies before embracing her in 1691. The study of the Occult fascinated her more than any other subject once she learned of its existence.

After finding fragments of the Book of Nod, she found more truth in its teachings than she had in any other religion and started fervently on the Path of Caine. As a Noddist, she looks at mortals with disdain, considering them to be only slightly more intelligent than hamburgers. However, she does recognize their usefulness in certain situations and created a ghoul to handle most mortal interactions.

In the late 1800s, she left Juilly permanently to travel, hoping to find new knowledge and occult lore that she hadn't been able to discover in Europe. Shortly after, she officially joined the Sabbat. She left Europe with her pack to go to America just before 1900, and traveled the country before deciding to stay in Flagstaff around 1955, where she offered her allegiance to the local Sabbat.

There, she was a part of a small pack that remained in the Phoenix area following the failed first Crusade, and through the second. She disappeared for a bit around 2006, but returned and took the position of Bishop of Information in 2009.

Recently, she has retired her position and left Flagstaff to be free to focus on building and expanding the reach of loremasters their availability as a resource to the Sword.




  • "Shaelle is a sister in shadow I never thought I'd meet. Though we differ, in my unlife, I've never felt a kinship so strong. It's that mutual understanding between the endlessly curious that leads me to say, that if all other Cainites had their vocal chords removed but hers remained, I would delight in an eternity of such conversation. I hope one day I can have the honor of being her student." - Valerie Evans
  • "Well, well, look who's all grown up." - Pierce Cross
  • "There are some debts that will never be repaid, and some mistakes that will never be forgiven." - Raven Tempestarii
  • "My sweet, sweet little niece. I find a piece of my youth in the bottomless eyes of this one." - The Durand
  • "Even knowledge has consequences. Always bear that in mind when making deals with those that trade in its currency." - Calder Tekin
  • "A Cousin who Roach will do all he can to ensure her survival in the nights to come." - Roach
  • "She is enthusiastic and passionate. I admire those traits in her." - Atrox
  • "Ancient stories within hidden vaults within onyx globes." - Verkenner
  • "Fascinating and lady-like in equal measure." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • “I would give my life to protect her.” Ra’shi
  • "There is no one like her; And no words can express what I feel for her. When she needs me, I am there. When she needs anyone, I will be there. Until the stars die and the abyss swallows all, I will be there beside her. And even then, we will simply tell stories together until we are ashes in the dark." - Valerie Evans
  • "Saw her (it?) in San Diego when I paid a visit to chat with the extended family. Shame I didn't get to talk with her? Her? Sure we'll go with her. It's hard to tell with our cousins. Anyway, maybe next time we'll have a little chat. I mean, so what if she plays for the wrong team right?" Lucius Brown
  • "Yeah, talk shit about her. It's easy to talk shit about someone when you don't even know them." - Penny Rodriguez
  • "I'm sorry, who the fuck do you think you are? Did you just accuse me of hanging out with Sabbat? Did you REALLY just claim that my best friend is Sabbat!?" - Penny Rodriguez, immediately after the previous quote.
  • "Mascot of Team Inquisition" -Aaron Knight
  • “Don’t talk too much shit at her or she’ll punch you in the brain meat.” - Lacey
  • “I’m not really sure why I hang out with Shae. She’s like that friend of a friend that you always feel obligated to be around in a group but never really liked. I kept thinking that would change eventually, but... Nope.” - Jaguar


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