Shamus Dupree

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Shamus Dupree.jpg

Commonly Known Information

Name: Shamus Dupree

Notable Traits: former Primogen of Dallas

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Nosferatu


Shamus has been a member of the Southern elite for quite awhile, but was also a key figure in the underground railroad. He has only recently become active again in the City of Dallas. He is known to be a socialite and not a fighter.


  • "Disgustingly resourceful. Or maybe just disgusting and resourceful." - Noah Bauer


  • Shamus recently paid the Prince a life boon and was fully blood bound... wtf did he do?
  • Shamus has collected many boons rapidly and from important people.
  • Shamus wields a boatload of influences.
  • Shamus is building a small army of ghouls.
  • Shamus designed a 5 story tower simply to distract the sheriff of the city.
  • Shamus belongs to the Gran lineage.

OOC Information

Player: Stephen Shupee

Player Email:

Storyteller: Devon Weir

Storyteller Email:

Location: Dallas, TX