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Name: Shay Volkov
Rank: Adren
Deed Name: Stalks the Bitter Frost
Camp: The Sacred Hoop
Age: 31
Current Location: Anglesey, Wales
Sept: Sept of the Oak Vale
Pack: Lux Tenebris


Homid Form: In her breed form, Shay is a slender and beautiful woman with dirty blonde hair and striking, ice-blue eyes. The daughter of Russian immigrants to the United States, her heritage is easy to see in her face, and how easily she slips into Russian when angry or agitated. She tends to wear comfortable clothing, though isn't averse to being stylish, even with the scarred-over bite mark on her side.

Glabro Form: In Glabro Shay's form thickens, growing more muscular as nails grow into claws and fangs enlongate. Her blonde hair becomes streaked through with snowy white, and her eyes remain that sharp, icy blue - reflecting a fierce, predatory nature.

Crinos Form: The war form, the most terrifying shape a Garou can take, and Shay's is no exception. In Crinos, Shay becomes a monstrous wolf-like beast of rippling muscle and silver-white fur, coated in a blistering rime of ice. She is an avatar of Wendigo, a harbinger of bitter vengeance, a frigid mist clinging close to her and biting almost as harshly as her own fangs.

Hispo Form: The near-wolf, Shay's Hispo appears to be a horse-sized white wolf, a few small patches of fur missing where a bite and several claw-marks mar her form - the exact locations of the scars present in her other forms.

Lupus Form: A smaller version of Shay's Hispo, the Lupus form resembles an average female Siberian wolf, reflecting her mortal heritage.




Apoc PC

Player: Allie Pitchford
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Wendigo
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Domain: TW Apoc
VST staff list: VST

IC Email:

Character Information


Shay is a private woman, snarky to a fault and preferring to remain guarded save around those she truly trusts - which isn't many. Some might confuse her for a Ragabash, given her attitude, but when the time comes to fight she is fierce and bloodthirsty - channeling the anger and bitterness that bubbles beneath the surface to rain hell down upon the enemies of Gaia.


Born in Soviet Russia, Shay left for the United States with her mother when she was still too young to remember much about it, though her mother's insistence on speaking Russian in the home kept her command of the language alive - even if she lost her accent somewhere along the way. Her life was fairly normal, the young woman planning her future after college until everything changed the night before her birthday in 2012. An attack by a wolf on her way home from the bar left her bedridden and sick until she Changed, discovering the world of the strange and supernatural that she had never seen before. Since then, she has dedicated herself to her new calling - both for Gaia, and for the sake of the future she lost with the bite.



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