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General Information

Name: Undertow of Pain (Shipsinker)
Slew: Abyssal Maw
Rank: In the Shallows (2)
Species: Greater Hammerhead
Breed: Squamus
Auspice: Brightwater
Camp: Fury of the Sea
Location:: Seas of San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Worthy - Wyrmbaiter, during his service as Oaken Vale Alpha
  • Hero - Razortooth, Assisted in defending The Last Bastion of Light's Keep


Sendings and Vocal



  • If there's blood in the water off the coast of San Juan, it probably has something to do with him.
  • If there's blood in the water off the coast of Anglesey, it probably has something to do with him.
  • I hear he has a liking for lemon Vodka and raw chicken.
  • Killed 2 Gaians for endangering the Sea, they were warned by his betters. If you won't heed the warning of his betters, you will feel his teeth tear you apart.
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  • "With him it is wise to be honest, deception is like blood in the water."- Razortooth, the Undying
  • "I've watched him grow immensely, there has been leaps and bounds but his core is still the same as ever. The one thing you can expect in the frontal assault of his personality." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "He came along and helped, not just in the physical sense, but he made a difference as well with his wisdom, Shipsinker is very much welcome in Anglesey any time." - Wyrmbaiter
  • "Drink up Sir, Tradition is if you don't you will have seven years of bad love making" - Annika
  • "There are only two times that I have enjoyed being near or in water...once is at the spa..the other is riding on the back of Shipsinker and kickin' ass together. He can party with me anytime..." - Aiya Kodachi
  • "Let me be clear, at no point am I saying he comes across as safe. Hell no. But he's really learned a lot in the few months that I first watched him consume his maiden bottle of Vodka. He even chastised a werewolf for being rude while serving sushi. Not safe but enthusiastic? I dig it." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "At first you might think he's a world class asshole, but later you learn he's also a world class badass. Game respects game." - Martial Law
  • "I only know four things about him: first, he can't stop dancing; second, he drinks like a fish; third, he's in my darling Priscilla's slew; and four, he has a sense of humor about all of it. Four for four so far, my friend. Excellent percentage." - 'Spector
  • "Crossing paths with one of the Rokea is always a blessing, especially on The Dirt even if it's an island or a deep water port. Meeting one who you can exchange knowledge with and learn from is nothing short of divine! I look forward to our next meetings and shared experiences" - Hattori Toshio
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Skimming the Shallows



Allies and Friends

On Undertow of Pain's Radar

People who have caught his attention in a bad way and should fix it
Caws the Howl *** settled
Valhalla's Mercy *** settled
Annika *
Naomi ** settle by Erecul
Wade * Died serving his sept

From the Darkness


1000 Year old Rokea, twin to Havelock. He is a strong defender of Rokea, their way of life, and the Sea. He has been active in recent years, since the ban lifted, with groups that fight in defense of the Sea. Is found often around Puerto Rico. His hands carry scars of acid burns from fighting for Dolphin, and he has been gaining more ans more runes on his body.
June 2017 - Cleansed a Grotto
Nov 2017 - wasn't seen outside OR waters
Dec 2017 - Assisted in cleansing the San Juan water area of Q'yrl Crabs
Jan 2018 - Cleansed a Grotto
Feb 2018 - Gained Rank 2 and Deed name "Undertow of Pain"

OOC Information

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Storyteller: Cali Nicole
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