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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Sibylla "Dances with Fury"

Notable Traits: Permanent limp in her right leg.

Tribe: Shadow Lords

Auspice: Theurge

Pack: Aesop's Fables

Sept: Sept of the Seven Hills


Sibylla’s parents were proud, arrogant, and foolish. They fell in love and choose to risk breaking the litancy rather than practice control. Love is love.

When her mother became pregnant, the Garou lovers finally felt the weight of what they had done. Stubborn, they choose to keep their child. Perhaps they would have decided otherwise if they would have know what would happen.

Sibylla’s mother died during childbirth, never even seeing the daughter she carried, and Sibylla’s father fell in Harano, unable to accept the loss of his love and the responsibility of his child. To say the Shadow Lord elders were displeased was an understatement.

A kind and strong kinfolk rose to the occasion, the woman said she would raise the child. There was some argument, the child was stuck in Crinos form for at least the next eight years. The woman, Kristine, said it didn’t matter. She would raise the child, it was her wish.

And so it was. Kristine raised the young metis, accepting the bruises and cuts that came with the responsibilities and treated the young Sibylla no different than she would another.

Sibylla changed in March 2003, under the crescent moon. Small bane spirits ripped through the veil, threatening the lives of many of the kinfolk in the Shadow Lord territory. Sibylla fought them off as best as she could, and thankfully Kristine did not perish, but her foster mother had quite a few injuries. Sibylla shifted into Homid form, wishing to hold her foster mother in a way that would not risk further injury.

It took some time for Sibylla to get use to her Homid form, but she adapted. Kristine home-schooled her for the next few years, and Sibylla fell in love with learning. Quickly advancing in her studies, she was top student at her high school. Despite her love for learning, she choose not to go to college, instead remaining with Kristine and working on the farm for another two years. In 2015 she began travelling around meeting other Fera and Garou, trying to learn more about spirits and the Metis condition.

In October 2017 spirits began granting Sibylla visions, of a Sept forming in Rome, GA. She began her roadtrip down to the South, meeting another Garou along the way. The Fianna, Wayfaring Stranger, at a Waffle House on route, after chatting together they continued the journey together. Once she arrived, Sibylla immediately began assisting the new Sept, gaining the position of Master of the Rites.


OOC Information

Player: Rachel Renaud

Player Email:

Storyteller: Michael Hewitt

Storyteller Email:

Location: Cave Spring, GA