Sidney Wards-the-Bridges

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Name: Sidney Wards-the-Bridges
Rank: Adren
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Position: Sept Leader
OnyxPath-Ahroun.png OnyxPath-Shadow Lords.png


Sidney came to the Sept of the Fallen Green in 2017, under the name Sidney End-of-Days. She quickly lost the job she had arranged for when she arrived in New York City with no pack to support her and wyrm taint everywhere, setting her off. After several months of this, during which she answered the wyrmfoe's call every month, helped raise two bitten cubs, had her house burn down, and spent quite a lot of time patrolling the bawn out of sheer boredom, Sidney became part of the group that formed Eagle's Vanguard. Her Adren challenge involved pushing from Eagle's Vanguard territory into wyrm territory, and after her success, her packmate, Thursday Jones, gave her the new deed name of Wards-the-Bridges. The new name seems to have made Sidney more hopeful, especially when tied with the Sept's drive to retake Manhattan.

At the end of 2018, when the Sept also took a new name for a new future, Sidney became a Guardian of the Sept that Never Sleeps. She continued to fight the wyrm between shifts on defense, which meant she was present during the search for the lost Uktena Caern in May 2019. During that battle, Thursday Jones fell in battle against a deeply weaver-aligned mage planning to turn the wellspring into fuel for his experiments, leaving New York City's sept without an Alpha. Sidney challenged for the open position and is currently leading New York City in its battle against the Apocalypse.


  • Sidney lost her entire family at the start of the Age of Apocalypse, and that's why she ended up in the Sanctum.
  • The sept where Sidney grew up fell apart shortly after she left, for some not-so-pleasant reason.
  • Sidney has a very broad definition of "permission" when it comes to biting kinfolk.



Storyteller: John C.
Location: New York City, NY


Other PCs:

NYC Space: K.C. Gatewatcher