Siegfried Schultheiss

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Commonly Known Information

  • Name: Siegfried Schultheiss
  • Alias: John Doe
  • Sect: Anarch
  • Clan: Ventrue
  • Notable Traits: Appearance Focus.


(Human Life)

1035: Born Trygve Stienar (Reliable Stone), eldest of three brothers, and last sons of the few remaining Jarls of a dying people. Trygve's father ordered him to watch over his brothers, to be the stone to which they shape themselves into, and to be proud of who they become. It was soon after that Trygve's father had made a deal to give his sons the opportunity many of his people would not see, and he was sent away to live in the care of a lord of northern germany. there he and his brothers would learn to write, read, and be parts of a higher court to a man who was never wed. To this Lord Tygve and his brothers became his heirs, and it was here that Trygve Stienar was no more.
1046 Siegfried Schulthiess is introduced to the local courts as the Heir to Friedhelm Schulthiess. Siegfried did well, as did his brothers to impress the lords and ladies they met, and as the years went on the brothers did their part and excelled well under Friedhelm's tutelage. Siegfried did well with reading, language, and social etiquette. He moved into and out of different social gatherings with a grace and decorum that was natural and inviting, so much so he started getting invites to many parties and gatherings. It was at one of these he caught the attention of a man who saw in him so much more potential, as well as a curiosity brought on by Siegfried's openly compassionate and kind nature.

- Embrace 1085 under the name Siegfried Schulthiess

(1999, July) Siegried was always the kind of man who stood up for the little guy, tried to make people feel more empowered and have a sense of self. It was no wonder that the last rumors of him being seen was only weeks before and during the events that took place in Bangladesh. The death and destruction of the area was beyond what any had ever seen before and he was the kind of man who would go to try and save as many people as possible. There are stories circulating of his valiant stance against impossible odds, and even possibly rumors floating about from those that survived the moment cause of his efforts. There really are few stories of a person who sacrifices this much and shows such compassion for the world, but fewer are the stories of those who could inspire such a sense in people.


  • "John looks at me like no one else really ever has. He knows things about me just from looking at me. He is calm, a rock, and pretty much everything I am not. I didn't know how much I needed that in my life." ~Dahlia
  • "Es ist nicht alles Geld, was glänzt" - Mendoza
  • "He has a certain easy charisma, and a passionate fire which I can't help but appreciate. He represents that which is noble and good in his clan - even Ventrue have admirable qualities. He displays all of them." - Talon Alenzia Komnenos
  • "He has a sense of humor, and a conscience. That's what I look for in my Ventrue." - Leon Harris
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  • (2017) Rumor has it a man that has a striking resemblance to Siegfried was seen the L.A. and San Diego area. He goes by the name John.
  • He seems to be at the center of chaos wherever it is.
  • He's got some super scarey and creepy things in his basement.
  • Was present for Mozart's first performance that brought him to tears.
  • He killed Ravnos himself.
  • Is excellent at The Charleston and Viennese Waltz.

Musical Inspiration

Moments Alone

Curious Questions

The Lion is Born

The Big Brother

The Movement

John Doe

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Anarch
Domain: San Diego, CA
Player: Daniel Goode
VST: Cam/Anarch VST</span>