Siggy "Sword of Skadi"

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Siggy "Sword of Skadi"

Name: Sigrid "Sword of Skadi" Sigmundardottir, usually goes by Siggy.

Rank: Fostern

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Auspice: Ahroun

Age: 27

Notable Traits: Bitten

Pack: None. Currently a Lone Wolf

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Camp: Valkyrie of Freya

Sept: Sept of Warriors' Wisdom


Siggy is about 5' 10", with flaming red hair, and a muscular figure from years of hard work on a ranch. She has deep blue eyes, and freckles. She speaks with an Icelandic accent, distinctly European but not always easy to place. She is pretty much always armed with a Viking short sword that was designed for her grip and size.

Siggy is still a practicing Heathen, holding the faith of of her ancestors very dear. She reveres Freya, Skadi, and Loki. Odin is a four letter word as far as she is concerned. She believes him to be an Oathbreaker, and therefore will have nothing to do with him and his.


Siggy was born to a large family of Kinfolk shepherds in a very remote village in Iceland. She is one of 7 children, with so far only her oldest brother having successfully undergone the First Change.

Siggy traveled all over most of Western Europe in her younger years, mostly to countries that buy or produce lots of woolen textiles, as that is the family business.

At 24, she and her twin decided they wanted to contribute as more than just breeding stock, and decided to willingly try for the Bite. Siggy survived, her twin brother, Ivar, did not.

Siggy arrived in the US just over a year ago. She has been traveling around, checking on Get of Fenris kinfolk that they had lost touch with, before finally settling down in Phoenix, AZ


(feel free to add any you may have heard about Siggy)

  • Siggy's family cast her out, blaming her for the death of her twin.
  • Siggy had her heart broken by a Fianna, which is why she chose to take the Bite.
  • Siggy has recently been adopted by a female alpha named Sonya.
  • Siggy once was surprised by a vampire, who almost moved fast enough to get past her sword. Almost.
  • Siggy has had a relationship with a Shadow Lord who has left a high number of bodies in his wake, many of them beautiful young women..
  • Siggy won't join a pack because she can't deal with the idea of losing anyone else like she did her brother.
  • The Fenrir has a necklace of teeth she rarely wears. They are from three Dancers she destroyed in combat soon after her Fianna lover left for the Concordant. Dancers still whisper of her in fear.
  • Siggy doesn't use a gun when fighting in Homid not because she can't but because she wants to - as a Valkyrie - watch the light leave the eyes of those she slays in battle. Using a sword makes this easier.
  • Siggy has the mysterious ability to subdue and render helpless a Fianna without using her rage, spiritual gifts, or even speaking at all.
  • Siggy is a revolutionary, believing that the Litany is outdated and needs to change.
  • Siggy has an irrational fear of Corax, due to their being 'minions of Odin'.


(Feel free to add yourself if you like)

Alex Drake - Siggy's on former paramour, recently they decided to just be friends.

Kieran McNamara - Siggy's former lover when she was still a Kinfolk. The two of them have been growing rather close again.

Lilly Rodonovich - A kinfolk with whom Siggy has found a new and surprising friendship.

Kishi Romanov - Siggy finds the Kitsune's unfailing optimism to be refreshing, and genuinely enjoys her company.


(Feel free to add any you like, either that Siggy has said, or about her.)

  • Trust me, I'm just here to nurse you back to health. (said by Sigrid with an engimatic smile as she visited a wounded Garou in hospital.)
  • I met Siggy briefly when I was tracking down a group of Leeches that had taken Get Kinfolk. She was a sight to behold in battle and allowed us to save a half-dozen kinfolk. I would be proud to hunt with her anytime." - Thomas "Shade Seeker" Whitington
  • The strength of this woman's convictions, even before she joined the ranks of the Garou, was and is like nothing else under the sun. Seeing her even briefly was like that sun cutting though stormclouds.. and the storms brewing on the horizon are legion. I have every confidence, however, that Sigrid can weather them with the same relentless courage and charm with which she does everything else. - Kieran McNamara


Pretty much anything by Wardruna

When the Wolves Cry Out - Miracle of Sound

I am the Fire - Halestorm

More Pending...

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Player: Leah Harmon

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Storyteller: Byron Miracle

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Location: Phoenix, AZ