Sigrid Halvtrol

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Full Name: Sigrid "Siggy" Halvtrol

Deednames:None Yet

Age: 17

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Rank: Cub

Auspice: Galliard

Pack: None

Position: None

Character Description:

Sigrid is a young girl to be in her late teens. She has an average look to her with red hair and blue eyes. Her hair is often worn in braids like many Get of Fenris. Those who stand close feel something off about her (Monstrous Flaw) but it can't be determined when she is in her homid form what is wrong.

As a wolf Sigrid is a normal gray color. Those who have seen her in her other forms tell a different story though.



Father: Headrig Halvtrol (Philidox/Get of Fenris)

Mother: Layna Windsong (Child of Gaia/Kinfolk)

Half-Brother (Age 10): Phoenix Sweetwater (Child of Gaia/Kinfolk)

Half-Sister (Age 8): Rowan Sweetwater (Child of Gaia/Kinfolk)

Half-Sister (Age 5): Nirvana Windsong (Wendigo/Kinfolk)

Half-Brother (Age 2): Landon Windsong (Wendigo/Kinfolk)

Cousin: Hakon Halvtrol

Great-Uncle: Andrey Silvermaster

Distant Cousin: James LaCoix

Information Known to the Nation at Large


-Sigrid and her family have lived in a few septs around the midwest.

-Though the family is poor, they have a strong familial bond.

-Sigrid is fiercely protective of her family.

-For a Get of Fenris, Sigrid is as lighthearted as any Galliard.

-Sigrid loves a good story.

-Sigrid is eager to prove herself in battle and as a Get of Fenris.


In the making....

-April 23rd, 2017 - Sigrid is taken on her first battle against a Thunder Wyrm. She gets in one good hit but is forced to leave when her mind is overtaken. She sustains no wounds.


"My mother didn't discriminate when it came to tribes." - Sigrid explaining her many tribed family.

"How about we not talk about my skin color? Why do you have to make it about skin color!?" - Sigrid refusing to talk about being blue.


Cato "Walks a Mile" Miller - One day I want to be as good of a Galliard as this guy!

Iakov Sedeyushchiy - Adorable Rat Friend!

Joshua Bartlett - Gotta respect the ambition of this guy!

Laughs in the Dark - Like a father to me.

Many Stones - Fellow Get of Fenris in the local sept. Working hard to prove she is worthy of notice.


-add rumors here!


To be continued....


OOC Information

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Player: Andrea Zander

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jeremy Cue

Storyteller Email:

Location: Des Moines, Iowa