Sigurdr Northman

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Gjallarhorn (Information Known by the Garou Nation)

Name: Sigurdr Northman
Deed Name: Whispers of Ragnarok
Notable Traits:

The Sarcastic Edda (Biography)

Ratatoskr's Diary (Quotes About Whispers)

The Well of Urd (Rumors)

  • Whisperes is older than he looks... by a lot.
  • Whispers is Elder Freja's favorite nephew
  • Whispers is dead
  • Whispers was driven insane by his time in the Umbra
  • Rumor here

OOC Information

Player: Mickey Barker
Player Email:
Storyteller Email:
Location: Atlanta, GA

OOC Character Timeline


Grandfather [NPC] - Fredrich "Stormrider" Northman - born ?, died 1927
Grandmother [NPC] - Gertie Northman (Fenrir Kinfolk) - born 1779, died 1861
Father :Magni "Thunderstrike" Northman [NPC] - Born 1805, died 2008 - 3rd eldest. Short temper, loud - first to laugh but first to throw punches in his temperamentalness.
Other Family:
Vidar "Shatterstone" Northman [NPC] - born 1802, died 2008 - eldest brother, Elder Ahroun. Gruff, tended to not "have a sense of humor" aka very serious, but not without love for his family.
Bragi "Wyrdweaver" Northman [NPC] - Born 1805, died 1915 WWI - Theurge. The quiet/ "Shy" one. Occultist and scholar of sorts within the family, though to outsiders he could have easily appeared to be an Ahroun with a bunch of Rites.
Mani "Pathfinder" Northman [NPC] - Born 1805, died ? - 4th eldest next eldest Athro Philodox. Very much a "lawyer" type, Braggi was quiet, observant and even handed, but had better humors than Vidar outside of Garou Business.
Vili "Hammerfist" Northman [NPC] - Born 1805, died ? - 5th eldest Ahroun, was equally sweet and a jerk.
[[Freja Northman|Freja "Silvertongue" Northman] - Born 1813, still alive. youngest child of Stormrider and Gertie, Freja helped raise Gurdi almost like her own. Between her nephews and nieces, she worked very hard to never play favorites... but Gurdi tended to get preferential treatment from her growing up.
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