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“Without cunning, there is no innovation. Without ambition, there is no accomplishment.”
— Salazar Slytherin
Seneschal of Dallas
Basic Info

Name: Silas Watson (Deceased)
Camarilla Position:
Lineage: Member of Domus Orthia
Status Traits:

  • Acknowledged

Physical Description: Silas Watson is a slender man, perpetually dressed in a lightly colored shirt, black suit jacket, and matching tie, with dark strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes.
High-Level Concept: A Machiavellian man for the modern day.
Persona: Silas is willing to help just about anyone, especially for the proper payment of boons or information.

Personal History


Silas Watson was born of another name to the Maceo crime family in the "Free State of Galveston" in November of 1923, during the height of the Great Depression. Learning much from both Sam and Rosario Maceo, he and his family grew to power and made Galveston what it was at the time, a true gleaming jewel in an otherwise dusty and depressing world.

After the Great Depression, with a forged Bachelor's Degree in Business from UT, Silas jumped headfirst into the world of finance, and eventually began to grow to financial power and influence.

Eventually, Silas was approached by David Starnes and was offered the Embrace as an avenue for even more power, which he happily accepted, reinventing himself and taking the name which he has today.

After being ghouled for 25 years, (as is custom in Domus Orthia,) Silas was officially embraced in 1978, and recently finished his accounting in 2003.

Shortly after leaving accounting, in 2006, Silas embraced Siobhan O'Neill after noting her substantial prowess in both combat, and organized crime. She is still under his accounting.

Since then, he has moved to Dallas to support his Sire, who recently gained (and lost) Praxis of the Dallas domain.

In April of 2018, Silas was elected Harpy by the Primogen councel.

In August of 2018, Silas was made Seneschal by the newly instated Prince Gedrin, and the Harpy position passed to a Brujah named "Fabulous Frank".


  • He was so quick to jump into his role as harpy! I think the Primogen made an excellent choice. Trust a Ventrue to be efficient. - Noah Bauer
  • Mr. Watson has not yet met me, but I know of him. I am watching with great interest to see if his potential will lead him to greatness or failure. Elder Harold Custance, speaker of House Constance
  • Whoa, so there's finally a new Harpy? Sweet! Hope he's cool, I haven't met him yet. - Samuel Jones
  • Where there’s no hope there is faith. Where there is no faith there can be no hope. Young mister Watson can instill hope with his presence. He serves as a shining beacon of faith within the Camarilla. - Enzo DuBois
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  • "He's the only one of his house in Dallas that hasn't made a total embarrassment of themselves yet."
  • "Rumor"
  • "Rumor"

Silas Watson

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Lone Star Nights (TX-058-D)
Player: Jax Saunders

Name: Jax Saunders
Member Number: US2017120017
Domain: Dallas, TX