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Name: Silent Forest / Elizabeth (Xiaoyu) Li
Tribe: Bastet
Breed: Khan
Pryio: Dusk
Pack: Granite's Compromise
Sept: Sept of the Second Chance

Notable Traits: A petite Chinese girl who appears to be in her early twenties and usually dresses in dark colors. She is known to be fluent in Mandarin, but also speaks English without an accent. She is very rarely seen in a form besides homid, presumably due to the notable lack of tigers in the area.


Li Xiaoyu (known to most as Elizabeth) was born in the United States to a family of Khan kinfolk that immigrated from China. After her first change and initial education, she had some contact with the Garou in North America but remained largely isolated until the Septs were opened to the Fera. She came to Colorado Springs at the request of her Kitsune mentor to aid in establishing the Sept of the Second Chance.

To most, she appears haughty and aloof. Those who know her better see that she is quick-witted and curious. She has little tolerance for tedium, however, and is known to frequently wander away mid conversation when she gets bored


- She has bad blood with the Corax for an unknown reason. - Add a rumor!


"Pretty shiny kitty! Wait, where are you going? Come back!" - Kirke

OOC Information

Player: Shannon S.
Player Email:
Storyteller: Mykle McGovern
Storyteller Email:
Location: Colorado Springs, CO