Simeon Takács

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Simeon Takács
Spiritualist of the Sword

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Name: Simeon Szantovich Takács

Clan: Tzimisce

Sect: Sabbat

Faction: Orthodox

City: St. Catherines, ON

Sire: TBD

Pack: Sangre de la Noche

Lineage: TBD

Embraced: 1920




Anointed (Keeper of the Sacred Text: Erciyes Fragments)


Honorable by Archbishop Mercy
Courageous by Cardinal Miranda
Devout by Bishop Parzival Knight

Notable Traits:

Known & Notable History

  • Simeon Takács is known in some circles of The Sabbat to be a practitioner of the ancient Tzimisce bloodline known as the koldun. He does not advertise his abilities but it is know to some that he is a master of Elemental Thaumaturgy as well as Auspex. Little is known of Simeon's history with Sabbat prior to his recent awakening from torpor in early 2019. He claims to have been part of the southern Ontario Diocese and to have travelled with a pack of Telyev sorcerers. He speaks of a ritual that he participated in in the early 2000s but says little else on the matter. A passionate member of the Orthodox faction, Simeon does voice a great deal of affinity for those belonging to the Order of St. Blaise. Unlike many in his clan, Simeon seems to hold his mortal stock in high esteem and refers to them as his followers.


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  • Simeon was (and still is) a cult leader in southern Ontario whose followers work off of a farm or winery.
  • Simeon participated in a massive ritual in the late 2000s which placed enough of a strain on him to send him into torpor.
  • Simeon is unnaturally close to his Ductus, the Elder Luana leading some to wonder if there is more to their relationship than simply pack mates.


  • Pending

Quotes from Him

  • "Praise be to the Dark Father."
  • "As one of the Orthodox, I hold all members of the Inquisitor in high regard. Their scrutiny is sorely needed in these nights... perhaps now more than ever before."

Quotes about Him

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  • TV series "The Path"
  • Film "The Master"

OOC Information

Player: S. Near

Storyteller: H. Connelly

Game: Crucible of Caine's Fire

Domain: Katharsis d14