Simon Azar

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Simon Azar

Notable Traits: A tall, rather handsome man, Simon carries himself with the casual bravado that is often the hallmark of those in the Anarch Movement. He possesses a vibrancy of life that is quite uncommon among Kindred and is often mistaken for a ghoul or mortal.

OOC Notable Traits Info: Social Focus: Appearance, Whispers of Life, Personal Masquerade

Sept/Position/Status: Anarch Movement (Advocate of Ft. Myers, FL - Status of Accepted, Loyal, Mandate and Authority)

Clan: Followers of Set

Cult: House of the Eclipse

Generation: Neonate


Gang: Might and Magic (Ft. Myers, FL)

Common Knowledge:

Simon is an active member of the Anarch Movement and one of a handful of Setites who actually believes in its ideals wholesale. He has some skills as a mediator and hacker. Something of an idealist, Simon has a reputation for espousing personal freedom above all other virtues and working hard with his fellow Anarchs to break blood bounds and rescue ghouls and Kindred alike from their cruel dominators. He has been an active Anarch in the Southern United States for three decades and currently resides in Fort Myers, FL with the Anarch gang that runs that barony. He is said to maintain a "secret Setite temple" within the confines of the drug rehab clinic he owns and operates but he scoffs at such a notion. He is a known member of a proud Setite lineage with a talent for Thaumaturgy and proficiency in the Path of Corruption. He holds the personal domain of South Fort Myers in Florida. He recently took praxis as Advocate in Fort Myers.

Among Setites (and known to only Setites), Simon is found to have surprisingly strong faith in Set and the goals of his Clan. While not a member of the Independent Alliance, Simon has often been sympathetic towards their goals and vocal about there being many opportunities to be had between the Anarchs and the IA.

Simon currently has several holdings within southwest Florida and in Fort Myers, including a newly purchased bar called "the Red Martini".

Simon holds membership in the Anarch Movement's Free Press, considered a "Revolutionary" by most. He is also a leader in the gang called "Might and Magic" and the new Advocate of the Anarch domain of Fort Myers, FL.


  • Simon is a hardline Anarch who plays the part of the “dutiful Setite” to his elders but works hard to use his sorcery to destroy blood bonds and save kine and Kindred from enslavement while also serving his own agenda.
  • Simon has a secret phrase that, when spoken, will cause anyone for whom he's broken a blood bond to instantly become bonded to him.
  • Simon is actually a masterful manipulator who is playing the Anarchs as fools and using them to recruit for his own personal cult.
  • Simon once used Serpentis to turn into a giant black snake and wandered down I-75 in Florida with the words "Ride the Snake!" spray painted on his side.
  • Simon ran afoul an elder Malkavian by trying to free her cherished ghoul and ended up becoming her servant instead for three long years. He has no memory of this time.
  • Simon possesses an unbondable ghoul retainer.
  • Simon traffics with demons.

Associations/Character Ties

Jessica Meissner: A Caitiff in his employment who helps those dealing with the withdrawal of blood bounds, she is a loyal and treasured associate.

Chrysanthemum Locke: An elder Malkavian that he has some sort of past with but he does not remember exactly why she frightens him so horribly.

Dexter Rollins AKA Hades: A fellow Anarch and computer expert, the two have had dealings in the Ft. Myers area for the last ten years and share some of the same interests. They are the best of Anarch friends.

Johnny Black: His one and only childe, Simon and Johnny meet up in Atlanta often and are good friends. Simon does what he can to support Johnny, even though the two have different sects and ways of thinking.

Neith Amunet: A fellow Anarch Setite, this elder has been a good friend and fellow liberator of ghouls and other unfortunates for the last few decades.

OOC Information

Player: Chris McCoy (US2007111445)

Player Email:

Storyteller: Ed Seibert

Storyteller Email:

Location: Fort Myers, FL