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Name: Simon St. John

Clan Ventrue

  • Dignitas Vaunted

Position Held: Prince

Social Standing: Pretender Elder

Notable Traits: Generous, Giving, Trustworthy, Unforgiving

Lineage: al-Karami


Known Timeline

  • 1700’s Embraced in Rome, by Gabriella Eleanora Capella d’Avalos
  • 1700’s Served Accounting and Agoge in Oxford, under Edwardus of Nottingham
  • 1796 Presumed Dead or Missing after no contact is made
  • 1979 Resurfaces and returns to the UK to manage holdings which has prospered
  • 2009 Returns to the States for the first time since childhood
  • 2011 Makes Permanent Residence in Denver

Known to the Camarilla

  • Given Elder status for his exceeding knowledge of the inner workings of the Sect and its texts, along with remaining in Denver throughout the Anarch occupation
  • Exceedingly proud of his sire and lineage

Known to the Anarchs/Independents

  • One of the only Camarilla Ventrue to be present during the Anarch leadership, willing to extend help, equally as willing to talk down to you.
  • Seems to think all members of non-Camarilla Sects are misguided, and hopes they will return to the fold eventually.



  • Edward Harlow
  • Ellie Rothstein


  • Connor O’brien
  • Enemies here


Masquerade PC

Player: Alex Goldsmith
Sire: Gabriella Eleanora Capello d'Avalos, Architect of the Tower
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 9
Sect: Camarilla
City: Denver
Local Storyteller: Selina Ostberg


  • He owns one of the 17 Bugatti Royales, but since there’s no parking for it in Denver, it remains in a museum, and he settles for a late model Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • He’s currently being guarded by an aspiring Knight of the Blood, top of his class
  • He possesses deep thaumaturgical knowledge and is a bastion of unknown lores
  • He owns a life boon over one of the local Tremere
  • Rumor has it he's caught the eye of the Prince of San Diego Murielle O'Connor


  • "Oh, this guy, forget about him! His only saving grace is his pretty, pretty face, you feel me?" - Cricket Crumb
  • "I believe his first words to me concerned his hate of the Giovanni. Since then, our relationship has only improved and his willingness to not only accept me as a dear friend but to also reconsider his opinion of my clan? Well, his company has been an absolute joy." - Ellie Rothstein
  • "I found Elder St. John to be a remarkably forward thinking man, during the Grand Conclave. He is surely the future of this clan if we are to continue to lead." - Maksim Volk
  • (While turning a lovely shade of rose-pink) "The Elder Prince is an excellent conversationalist. His mind works in fascinating ways, and I suspect that he frequently knows far more than he cares to let on to. I am grateful to be on his good side." - Teagan Anderson
  • "Elder St. John is a remarkable King. He is new to Praxis, but he bears the weight of his crown with dignity and grace. I look forward to seeing what his does with his power in the nights to come." Murielle O'Connor
  • "Elder St. John? He makes me optimistic. He makes me proud. He inspires me. Yes...I can see that look in your eyes. You were hoping that I would help you assail him. Un avertissement equitable. Si vous essayez de le blesser, vous passerez par moi pour le faire." - Yves-Valère Seurat
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