Simone Delarue

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Simone Delarue

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Aliases: Frenchie
Clan: Brujah
Clan Faction: Iconoclast
Sect: Anarch
Philosophical Camp: Nihilist
Gang: The South Street Syndicate
Role: Face woman
Domain: Brooklyn, NY
Position: Ambassador of the Free State of Brooklyn

Abiding Status

  • Committed to the Anarch Movement
  • Monicker (South Street Syndicate)
  • Established (Ambassador of Brooklyn)

Fleeting Status


Simone's obviously dedicated to her gang and presumably the Movement. She is often considered to be the more pleasant or at least the less hot-tempered alternative to Muscato and Alfonso.


  • 1904 - Simone is born in Brooklyn to a middle class family.
  • 1922 - Clashing with her family over her liberated flapper lifestyle, Simone leaves Brooklyn and moves to Atlantic City.
  • 1923 - Simone meets Luca Muscato during a chance encounter at a gambling den and catches his fancy. He finds she is a valuable asset and poaches her from another Kindred. He introduces her to the rest of the Syndicate and she becomes a retainer for the gang, using her wiles and her familiarity with the local criminal element to smooth the way for the gang to establish themselves when their violent proclivities fail to yield the desired results.
  • 1924 - Simone is embraced by Muscato, and the two prowl the night together, preying on the inebriated and indulging in all manner of vice. Their carousing brings them into contact with any number of colorful characters and kindred of note.
  • 1925 - After surviving a brutal initiation, Simone is accepted as a full member of the South Street Syndicate.
  • 2018 - Simone returns to Brooklyn with the South Street Syndicate.
  • 2019 - Becomes Ambassador of the Brooklyn Free State.

Word on the Street


  • Simone is fully bloodbound to Luca Muscato.
  • Simone is actually the most dangerous person in the Syndicate.
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  • "The fact that she's my only surviving childe lends some credence to the notion that there's nothing more dangerous than a pretty face and a smile." - Luca Muscato
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Player: Ana Colon, US2018020041
ST: Buck Crutchfield
Domain: NY-004-D
Coordinator: Ilan N.

Ties Sought

  • Allies, Enemies and Associates.


  • Bonnie Parker
  • Fish Mooney
  • Hermione Lodge

“Veronica, in this business of ours, the women always walk the razor's edge. The men are the gangsters, but us, the molls, we use our wiles, our cunning, a hand on an elbow, a whisper in an ear, to manage things from behind the scenes.” — Hermione to Veronica[src]




Simone has recently learned of her lineage, and in spite of her sire's misgivings has sought to establish a relationship with her Grandsire.

Descendent of

  • Hannibal

In the Lineage of

Great-Great Grandchile of

Great-Grandchilde of

Grandchilde of

  • Little Bird (Birdie)

Childe of



  • How could someone like her have enemies?