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John James Sinclair.jpg

Name: John James Sinclair

Known Aliases: Sinclair, "That fucking loyalist prick"


  • Accepted in the City of San Marcos as a Loyal(ist) Member of the Sabbat

A large, bearded guy in his mid 40s with more grey hair than black. He usually wears jeans, a black leather jacket, and a T-Shirt with a large red cross (which he wears ironically), and it has gothic lettering on the back that reads, "Loyalty".


An intensely die-hard loyalist, he's smart, capable, basically just an asshole. He's a champion of the Loyalist cause of "Leave me the fuck alone."

  • 1933: Embraced in Philadelphia the night before the Sabbat take the city.
  • 1970s: Moves to San Marcos

Quotes from Sinclair

  • Are you the Regent? My priest? My Ductus? No? Then go fuck yourself!

Quotes from Others

  • "What is the turn of phrase? We are not so different you and I?" - Zână
  • "Loud, Brash, Arrogant. Exactly the type of soldier you would want....if you can get him to listen." - Gideon
  • "Yes. He's a blatant Loyalist. I think it's a good thing he's around. He keeps us on our toes. He said he'd kill me if I fucked up? Well, he can certainly try. Circle's always open, buddy." - Iago
  • "He understands, the war isn't over. I hope to fight beside him when the time comes." - Dahesta
  • "He is asshole and his politics are an irritation, but his faith and devotion to the cause are strong." - Taisija
  • "He serves a purpose, and until that purpose is met in full, I choose to think that purpose is greater than himself. Time will tell if that is true." - Vox
  • "Fuck I miss that guy." - Ryan "Three Four" Avildson
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  • Work in Progress
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Clan: Crusader Ventrue
Sect: Sabbat
Faction: LOYALIST!
Domain: San Marcos, TX
Player: Greg B.
VST: Austin Sabbat VST

Looking for Ties!

  • Various Political Viewpoints (Mainly Loyalists)
  • Various Random Ties

This page was inspired by the work of The Red Queen.
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