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Stumble seven times, stand up eight.


River was destined to live in interesting times, for better or worse - that was what her mother had always told her growing up. She came in to the world the child of Laughter in Darkness, a Roko (Vulpine) Gukitsushi (Philodox), and Gavel of the Heavens, a Roko (Vulpine) Eji (Ahroun) and as one of the Blessed Children, was kept away from prying eyes until well after her first change. She lead a happy childhood full of joy, laughter, and family - as the Shinjin are the children of /all/ Kitsune, and proof that Gaia loves them best.

She earned her Deed name not long after arriving in the Black Mountain area, just after the first Fera were accepted in to the Garou Nation. A number of Black Spiral Dancers had been located on the outskirts of the territory, and as such, she'd sought to aid them in their fight to remove the wyrm-tainted creatures. They'd been reluctant to accept her aid as she was of low rank and a metis to boot, and so had not been chosen for the mission.

Undeterred, the vixen had followed the would-be heroes out into the foothills where the BSDs had been spotted, though she'd been forced to keep quite a distance to avoid being noticed - a fact that proved fortuitous. One of the lookouts who had been posted had been ambushed by a Dancer who was clearly more than a match for him. Without a second thought River burst in to action, shifting and springing forth fearlessly to come to the aid of the wounded Garou and loosing an impressive howl of her own that was heard for miles around to summon others for help. Every time the Dancer had tried to turn on the fallen Garou, River had goaded them in to focusing on her instead, relying on her superior speed and agility to avoid every single attack that was thrown her way. In light of the glorious battle she earned the deed name "Sings In Defiance" for her honorable, if somewhat ill-advised acts.

On reaching her Elder rank, she was deeded Unity's Cry - she had been challenged to sing the songs of her people to the very heavens and rather than singing only of the Kitsune, true to her defiant nature, she sang the songs of all Gaians, earning the respect of the Lunar Incarna Tsukiyomi No Mikoto, along with her fifth tail which is said to be pale silvery-white and shimmer as though the night sky itself were just beneath it's fur, a stark contrast to her other four tawny tails.


SingsInDefiance Sambuhenge.png
Homid -Appears as an attractive, petite woman in her early 20s standing about 5'1" with a pleasantly curvy build, cheeks spotted with freckles - generally seen with a bright, inviting grin upon her face and some sort of brightly colored hair. Her hazel-gold eyes shimmer with wisdom beyond her years. Quick to smile and laugh, she is approachable and usually dresses for comfort rather than fashion, favoring leggings, flannels, and loose sundresses that don't restrict her movement. She has a thin, silvery braid in her hair in all bipedal forms, which occasionally moves on it's own in a serpentine motion.

Sambuhenge - As above, but a touch taller and more obviously womanly features. Her ears are large, even for a fox, and the same cream colored hue as four of her tails covered in soft tan fur, all tipped in sable brown - though the fifth has a silvery sheen like the light of the moon's glow. She has a certain otherworldly grace in this form, her features impossibly serene and perfectly calm... save for the ever present twitching of her tails and the curious gleam in her eyes. (See left - Artist Credit: Joelle Murray))

River Shifted.jpg
Koto - Cream and tan fur that would blend perfectly with desert sands, she stands roughly 6 feet in height with a certain vicious, savage beauty marked with razorlike claws and sharply pointed fangs that glint in her delicately pointed maw. Darker markings ring her eyes and streak down her cheeks, along with a streak of darker tan that races down her spine to the base of the five tails which flick to and fro behind her.

Juko - As below, but roughly the size of a Doberman, but with far larger and more vicious-looking teeth and claws, and five tails that she generally fans out like a peacock's plumes.

Kyubi - A petite fennec fox with the same coloration and markings of her Koto form, she stands roughly 8 inches tall at the shoulder with massive almost wing-like ears. She looks like she /might/ weigh about 3 pounds soaking wet. In this form, she has a single tail.

Time Line

  • 1868 - River Forsythe born
  • 1884 - First Change
  • 1890 - Rite of Passage, selects Karatribe Auspice
  • 1900s - Lives in Japan, apprenticed to another Karatribe until the growth of her second tail.
  • 2007 - Father Dies under mysterious circumstances.
  • 2009 - Moves to Southern California
  • 2009 - Rite of Acceptance / Cliath Rank - Deeded "Sings in Defiance".
  • 2011 - Begins attending Humboldt University, meets Amber Lauren (Nuwisha Kinfolk)
  • 2014 - Earns her Fostern rank running through an Umbral storm to bring critical information back to the Sept.
    • At this time she earns the Deed Name "Races the Squall"
  • 2015 - Graduates from Humboldt University, gets a job as an Eco-tour guide in San Diego, CA.
  • 2017 - Mother dies during the birth of her Half Brother "Chase"
  • 2017 - Meets Marius Copernicus, Joins Tuatha De Danann Pack. Her time with them as brief, she leaves in mid 2018.
  • 2017 - Takes part in the March into Malfeas, assists with telling & singing the tale of the fight.
  • Feb. 2018 - Named Den Parent of the Sept of the New Dawn.
  • Apr. 2018 - Officially adopts Amber Lauren.
    • Even though Amber is 24.
      • Don't make it weird.
  • Apr. 2018 - challenges for Adren rank by leading defense of the Caern during the fight against Pentex CEO and legendary black spiral dancer Bhictoria MacDougal. During her rite of accomplishment, a 4th tail appears.
    • At this time she earns the Deed Name "Hope's Vanguard"
  • June 2018 - Helps found Left Field Pragmatists pack as Prime Galliard.
  • Sept. 2018 - Named Talesinger of the Sept of the New Dawn.
  • Nov. 11th, 2018 - Helps to prevent the release of Plague virus in San Diego, then goes North to do the same in Inland Empire. She is held as a prisoner of war for several weeks before being freed by her cohorts.
  • Nov. 25th, 2018 - A Rite of Accomplishment is held, acknowledging a successful challenge for Athro rank.
  • Apr. 2019 - Takes place in the siege of the III building, destroying Pentex's hold on the Downtown San Diego area and chasing the Incarna of Despair back into it's own realm.
  • Apr. 2019 - Journeys across the Umbra in a quest lead by Darius Morningkill.
  • May 2019 - Challenges Damir for the rank of Elder.
  • July 2019 - Involved in the recovery of the Sept of the Desert Bloom, and putting The Digger to rest. Serves as Talesinger for a period of a few days at the Sept, and is blessed by the totem of the Great Caern, The Gorgon.
  • Aug. 2019 - River completes her Elder challenge and earns the new deed name "Unity's Cry".


Rumors, lies and half truths

  • She failed her first Rite of Passage
  • Given her age, most assume she's a loremaster. They're probably right.
  • Her tiny size, giant ears, and four tails are a particularly awful Metis deformity.
  • Her mother recently died in childbirth. Her half-brother is being raised by her step-father.
  • She didn't cry at the funeral of her mother or her father.
  • Her phone frequently gets stuck in Emoji keyboard mode.
  • She's on the radar of the Pentex board of directors.
  • It is impossible to take a bad picture of her. It doesn't matter the setting, somehow every damn picture of her ends up looking professionally posed.
    • She is, in fact, how the Ridiculously Photogenic meme began.
  • Lost her beloved fan denoting her rank in the war.
    • How dare you ask what war, she doesn't like talking about it.
      • Amber bought her a new one. It is well known that one is not permitted to buy their own rank fan, as it is bad luck.
  • Once ate a snake whole on a dare. It did not go well.
  • She is in a relationship with Amitiel "Brother to Many" Custos. They do not make any effort to hide this fact.
  • Ate a Burritobomination and lived to tell Amber to stop making those.
  • Wendigo once praised her wisdom, after she convinced him to gather knowledge before asking a Nevada sept to attack a Weaver Affinity area.


Through the eyes of her peers

  • "River? I like her a lot. It's great to meet a fellow Galliard (well, close enough) who shares a passion for the craft. There's a sadness to her soul that I deeply empathize with. When I die, I want her to sing my story." - Liam O'Connor
  • "Shy little fox. I sleep sounder knowing she's watching over my sister." - 'Spector
  • "The absolute epitome of the phrase 'ready and willing'." - Katherine Hays
  • "She walks the line between childlike wonder and the burden of waking responsibility. We often speak of a dog's loyalty, but only the clever are blessed enough to know the loyalty and wit of a fox." - Amber Lauren
  • "Ahroun are the warriors, Get of Fenris are the warriors' warriors. Some are always willing to let us go first into battle. She races me to the front line, I admire that." ~Dagmar Nielsen
  • "Like the waxing and waning moon, or the rising and falling tide- At times she is full, bursting to speak and have others hear her passion, and at times she is subdued, kind and soft and listening to the world around her. No matter what point she's at, though, if you listen you can always hear the song that seems to encompass her." - Dottie Lovett
  • "River wasn't the first in the Sept to meet us, but she was certainly the most welcoming. I'm not the touchy-feely type, but seeing her reach out to Cassie like that...from someone who has to keep the woman safe everyday from her own lack of sight, it felt like a relief. Maybe a little bit of self-affirmation, too." -Zaria
  • "I am learning many things from River over these many years, but always she is being a wellspring of joy and new surprises. She took the broken heart of an old man and showed him how worthy it remained of love and joy, when all the world seemed to say otherwise. She cared to listen...and dared to sing a different song." - Grace of Heaven
  • "Walking proof that it's will that determines victory, not preconceptions such as fragility." - Markos Spiros
  • "River is kind and protective without being condescending about it and that iInge Has a refreshing thing to encounter as kin." - Inge Hansen
  • "It's always nice to meet be around royalty. She's go a friend in me!" - Eight and a Half Tales
  • "I've never seen something so small run headfirst into something that could turn her into paste in seconds. And then she even goes and survives it! On the one hand, it's adorable as all hell. On the other hand, she's nuts! Still though, River's pretty fantastic all things considered. Although really, for supposed "royalty," she could totally go for a house upgrade." Alexander Morningkill
  • "At a Silver Fang and Get of Fenris 'only' event, she got an invite. I had to smile as she was one of the few Fera there, living proof that the times have and are continuing to change. Also, I've seen a Kitsune fight. I had no doubt she'd hold her own." - Freja "Silvertongue" Northman
  • "What a nice lady. So glad she was there to be part of the barrier of protection. I meet more women as warriors in this culture than in most human ones. I admire that." - Thaddeus Balthazar
  • "I must exchange stories with her. A log of what happens on Unsea and among foreign lands is a good record to keep." - Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened
  • "Girl's got the cutest fuckin' blush. How do you tell her "you look prettier when you smile" in a non scuzzbucket way? Like as life advice to look for joy again?" - Brandy
  • "ADD MORE QUOTES!" - Your Name

River Homid.jpg

Details Known by Garou Nation

Name: River Forsythe
Deed Names: Unity's Cry (current), Sings in Defiance, Races the Squall, Hope's Vanguard
Tribe: Fera - Kitsune
Auspice: Karatribe (Galliard)
Breed: Shinjin (Metis)
Rank: Elder
Age 152
Tails 5 (one is silver-furred)
Pack Left Field Pragmatists
Totem Chimera
Sept Sept of the New Dawns
Position Talesinger
Moniker(s) -none at present-

OOC Information

Player: Jessica Hartung US2017080136
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Daniel T. Goode
Contact: San Diego Apoc VST