Siobhán Ní Chorráin

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Siobhán Ní Chorráin

Notable Traits: beautiful, decisive, and strong-willed

Court: Seelie

Kith: Sidhe

Title: Princess? Queen?

House: Beaumayn



Siobhán Ní Chorráin is an American Sidhe raised in House Ailil by her mother Queen Mariana.

Betrothal and Wedding Day

Upon the New Year in 2018, Siobhán's betrothal to a Kinfolk to the Fianna, was announced by invitations delivered by the fae to septs all over the world. The wedding was scheduled to take place at the First Spire of the Arcadia Gateway in the Deep Umbra at Midsummer, with wards set up jointly by Queen Mariana and Ard Righ Bron Mac Fionn of the Fianna tribe.

Marriage Alliance

Despite betrayals, murders, and mortal danger at the First Spire wedding, Siobhán was married to Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat, a Breton Fianna Kinfolk adopted as the ninth son of Ard Righ Bron Mac Fionn, securing an alliance between the Garou Nation and the Seelie Court.

Since her wedding and swearing to her new Seelie House, she is most properly called Siobhán Chorráin ni Kergoat ap Beaumayn.



  • Siobhán did not meet the groom until the day of their wedding.
  • In the wake of her mother Queen Mariana being Undone with Cold Iron by the hand of Bron Mac Fionn, Siobhán nearly called off her immanent nuptial.
  • Didn't know what a Jigglypuff was, was shown by the rokea kinfolk and blessed her necklace for the information.
  • Rumor here.


  • "Your quote here!"
  • "It was a pleasure being her bodyguard and bridesmaid. I hope one day to call her friend. In the meantime she needs to visit San Antonio so I can introduce her to the best Mexican food!" - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "I was honored to be her guardian and bridesmaid. And when she visits, I'll prove to Jo once and for all that California has better Mexican food than Texas!" - Leah "Strides Forward" Morningkill
  • "Hidden-Ears is the Storm That Claims Territory." - Shiver-Step, coyote living in the territory of Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat
  • "I am enjoying getting to know her. Thankfully we have cleared up any misunderstandings. Niamh adores her. Especially since she told her she was a princess too." Rose Marie Davis
  • "This poor woman, thrown into the world of shifters as they are, I can't imagine how hard that is." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "She holds me the moon draws the tides across the whole span of the Earth, to their greatest ebbs and flows, and my soul crashes and foams with life as the riptide between the islets of my homeland. I would not have it any other way, for I am alive again." - Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat
  • "The princess and I, we understand each other, for nobility is a heavy mantle to bear. I can only hope to be the guide and ally I would need of her were our roles reversed." - Thyra Laskaris

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