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Cosantóir Line - The Guardian Line

What is seen

Siobhan MES.jpg

Name: Siobhan McKenna

Clan: Brujah

Location: San Francisco, CA

Sect: Camarilla

Position: None

Notable Traits: Wild red Hair, Woad Tattoos

Right in front of you

Description: There are not many who have been able to overlook the short, firemaned Brujah. While she perhaps stands no more than 5’4, Her bright red hair and sharp smile often catch eyes when she moves. Surprisingly unlike many of her age, she still has a softer complexion with a smattering of freckles and a dangerously infectious smile that has not been lost to the ravages of time. Her eyes are dark; the color of the fresh earth. There are times when the stark contrast of blue tattoos can be seen on her skin, but in recent nights they remain hidden beneath skirts and sweaters, and a classic and elegant sort of fashion. However despite her outwardly welcoming appearance, when the banshee is riled, her age and strength is undeniable.

What is known

Siobhan has come to be known as many things over the stretch of time, but what has always been consistent is her unyielding defense of humanity and her personal code of ethics. Her fervent belief that humanity should be tended and watched over is eclectically uncommon for one who has seen as many years she has. But nonetheless, it has not dwindled over time; if anything it only grows stronger.

In the past Siobhan had made herself a reputation through the years as a ferocious and relentless warrior in the nights of her youth, but has left those times behind her. She now seeks out knowledge and lores and rest her sword down to pick up the art of the written and spoken word. She prefers to guide and teach than command and order these nights, but when moved to it, if the cause is worthy, the fighter still remains deep within.

In current nights she is known for being far more easy natured and forgiving of kindred societies’ neonates and some ancilla still finding their way. But her sword is a double edge, while the youth may benefit from her kindness, her patience for Elders who abuse their power is practically nonexistent. In one moment the nurturing mother figure and paragon of grace and the next a firebrand of temper and condemnation. Given her Celt ancestry, and often her sharped tongued mouth, there are a few places where she is known as a bean sí.



Line of Guardians

Siobhan looks on to the childer of her line with great admiration and a deep found pride. She values each insight and wisdom and cleverness they each bring and is ferociously protective of all of them. While she does not shield them from making their own way and sometimes their own mistakes, anyone foolish enough to seek to harm them will find her standing the vanguard with all others of their House. Their loyalty has been proven and earned in fold a thousand times over.

May Home and Hearth be offered to the worthy
Honor must be stronger than steel.
Take only what you must.
A dead heart finds life in the service of others.
The sword hand defends the shield.
Be as the lion and as the lamb.
Guide the lost, abandon the Damned.
Let protection be your pride and purview.

Offer the wicked no succor but salt and fire.

It is this loyalty to each other that has made the House a force to be reckoned with at times.

However given the humanitarian focus of the House, they often try to turn their sights away from overt power grabs or the incestuous politics that happen in Kindred society, to focus on furthering the House’s aims of protecting the downtrodden, the abused and the neglected. A goal not many in the Tower (or elsewhere) see the point to. But Siobhan only smiles and is reaffirmed in her duty.

From the Banchee's mouth...

  • "We are shepherds of humanity, and often times we must pick up more than just a crook to defend our flock".
  • "Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh siad. [Praise the youth and they will come.]"
  • I have two sons; born each into the world with differences like Night and Day. But both hold their place in my heart as celestial beings in my horizon. Aiden O'Shea, the lambent light that guides me and others in his path, illumining my passage through the deepest of dusk of our world. The glimmer of hope, the final bastion of peace. I would no doubt be lost without his wisdom and grace. Asher, the bright burning heart that stirs the fire in others. He took the small seeds I have given, and what a sage and strong garden he now tends. He is the helios and the heart and has changed me and the world for the better.

  • "Siobhan Quote"

Did you know?


  • "She is my sister, and my dearest of friends. Cross her, and you cross me. Hurt her, and you hurt me...and I will not be merciful." - Mila Rurik
  • "Having a sire that you know is kind, just, and true, can really help ground oneself when dealing with the affairs of Kindred. It is a gift Siobhan has given me and continues to give me every day." - Asher Meier
  • "When first I laid eyes upon her, I knew that I would spend the rest of my days by her side, even as I was commanded to stand beside her and advise her on matters spiritual and worldly. Always she has been right and true, a guiding star in the dark. She is and ever has been the great love of my life." - Aiden O'Shea
  • "None save my own children are as close to me as Siobhan McKenna, or as dear. Her acumen, her steadfastness, her passion inspires awe with a regularity that is normally only experienced by mortals. She is a guiding star to any who would follow, and a light in the darkness that is so very rare these often bitter nights. She can provide many reasons that one should do better, but in truth, she is all the reason anyone would ever need." - Amyntas
  • "I should absolutely probably be more respectful as her standing is quite above mine. But despite her apparent loathing of all the horrible shit my clan has done, and I presume done to people she cared very much for, she's been good company to me. Which is a hell of a treasure to have on shitty gathering nights full of angry, sour, dour vampires." - Lavina MacDonald
  • "Elder Siobhan is a pillar of strength, one I have always admired. There ain't many people who embody a single word, but I can't help but think that 'Formidable' was coined just to describe her." - Winifred Harriet Mickel
  • "Elder McKenna has always been a welcoming presence. How I am so blessed to constantly be in her presence, I have no idea and I prefer to keep it that way. I will never earn her ire intentionally." - Pollux Xenos
  • "I read somewhere that a true teacher is one who, keeping the past alive, is also able to understand the present... and that's her! Anyway, I definitely didn't get that from a fortune cookie." - Elend Valentine
  • "Patient and like supes not like condescending. She's like some like strange balm on like all the rage. I think that she's like probably legit. " - Karma
  • "She does not say much. She does not have to. She is a good example for others to aspire to." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "Dreams dreamed hidden from the angry sun, whispered hopes and prayers shared in hallowed halls far from the observance of others, of light in deepest darkness. We have fought, and struggled and lamented sadly on what is, and dared reach for what might be. Together, we have moved destiny itself and bent the mightiest of edifices to a vision it once abhorred. One of betterment. For you, for our children, for all of us. Dokiel would be proud of you, my guiding light, my Réalta Thuaidh." - Amyntas
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Whispers & Tall Tales

  • "She hates the Tremere with a deep seated passion, that has not dwindled over time"
  • "Siobhan avoids any position in her city, because she is too busy working for the Justicariate in secret."
  • "She is a filthy heathen that revers dark gods and follows a heretical path."
  • "She is terrified of the Fae, claiming they have cursed her blood."
  • "She is bound by love and oath to another Brujah. And is often by his side."
  • "She was once the bride of an ancient fairy king, and that is why she avoids them."
  • "Her and Siegrid of the Truth North have been found on more than one occasion, Bloodied and drunk, shrieking old songs in the night."
  • "She has been with Amyntas since the very beginning, and will be there till the end."

OOC Information

Domain: San Francisco, CA
Player: Tristan Turner
VST: Tanya Telson