Siren of the Sea

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El Captain

The Siren of the Sea

  • Embrace date: 1797
  • Generation: 9th
  • Clan: Son of the Daughters of Cacophony
  • Sect Affiliation: Anarch
  • Status: Committed
  • Current Location: Where ever the winds take him!


General Information

Though he always seems anti-social, its been largely due to his love of the water and strong dislike for being on land and around "norms". Though once he was dressed as any captain, in the modern nights he has started dressing more in black and grey colors. Often highlighting his androgynous traits due to his blood to better blend in within the modern nights, he also seems to attract the more fancy goth types or steampunk types that enjoy voyages on the water and good music.

Most often he keeps to a location only long enough to complete a shipment and pick up a new one.


  • 1797 Embraced by the Sea
  • 1800 Started working with various groups as a transporter, privateer, and middleman. Making his way up and down the East Coast as far north as Canada, the Caribbean, and even into the Gulf of Mexico.
  • 1812 Sailed for the American Kindred
  • 1817 Oddly sailed for aid during the Seminole war early days. But made a few appearances over the years until the end of the war in 1858
  • 1820 Began sailing further south and visiting port of calls in South America and Central America more often.
  • 1861 Got drawn into the Civil War, though often sailed for his own reasons.
  • 1870 Traveled around and down the South American route to the West Coast.
  • 1898 Joined the Spanish American War to help get allies in and out of the area.
  • 1960 Made his way up the West Coast of America.

Titles and Accolades

Siren of the Seas



  • "Oh Drew, another that the seas doth call. The song of the sea resonates within them. Amhrán na farraige. Ór ar na seolta. Amhrán na farraige. Ag seoladh na bhfonnta..." - Aisling Knightingale

Allies/Known Associates


  • Captain Jack & the Mermaid - Meg Davis
  • The Way - Fastball
  • Wake Me Up - Avivii
  • Into the Ocean - Blue October
  • One Headlight - Wallflowers
  • Gone Away - The Offspring
  • Pirate's Lullaby - Pat Razket
  • Mordred's Lullaby - Heather Dale
  • Hanging Tree - J. Law
  • Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
  • Spanish Ladies

OOC Information

Player: David Musgrove
Player Email:
Storyteller: Evonne Traffanstedt
Storyteller Email:
Location:Portland, OR