Sirus, Basks in Gore

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Basks in Gore
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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Sirus, "Basks in Gore"

Notable Traits: Wears leather vest, hat, and a dog collar in homid but is most often in Lupus form which is a mangy black wolf missing hair in patches.

Society: Concordant of Stars

Sept: Grand Rapids - Sept of the Standing Stones

=== Biography ===

Sirus was raised by a drug dealer who thought having a wolf as an exotic pet was bad ass who he used in dog fighting. When Sirus first changed he remedied the state of his slavery and was later found Wandering the streets in Lupus eating garbage by Jo_Fay-Blair,_Let_the_Daylight_In who helped him adjust to Garou society.

=== Packmates ===
Ankle Shanker
Smiles Lake A Devil
Wields the City
Fights in Armani
Stalks the Knowledge

Pack Totem : The Mammoth


OOC Information

Player: User:John T. US2010086459

Player Email:

Storyteller: Erykah Rose

Storyteller Email: River City Rage VST

Location: Grand Rapids, MI