Sister Opp

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Sister Opp (darknet handle; real name unknown)

Notable Traits: anonymous, impatient, friendly

Union: ??

Chartered Company: ??


The sysop for the darknet used by the population of Eridani, they keep things cobbled together.


  • "this thread isnt your personal toilet/stop crapping all over it."
  • "no/you havent heard from him lately/he Painted himself/check the obits."
  • "you all give me hives/i love it/carry on."


  • Sis really is a nun and is working from a tech cloister somewhere.
  • They're someone on the Ring, working to help the little people.
  • They only keep the darknet running so people can Paint themselves and get vanished.

OOC Information

Player: NPC

Player Email: idamark3sysop [at] gmail [dot] com

Storyteller: Raina B

Storyteller Email:

Location: MA-005-D