Skye Noel Livingston

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Skye Noel Livingston, Ph.D
Clan: Lasombra
Morality: Path of Humanity
Sect: Sabbat
Notable Traits: Angelic Visage

Sabbat Status



Skye is still adjusting to her lack of a reflection and her somewhat pale and chalky appearance from her blood. Standing at 5'9" at her embrace, the now gangly woman shrouds herself in flowing vestibles of black, attempting to appear statuesque in her presence. Already a striking beauty, the abyss amplified her appearance with Angelic Visage and pools of black abyss swirling within her eyes. Ocassionally dawning her glasses, remnants of a recent embrace, she carries herself with grace and poise in most social situations, and every once in a while spassing out akin to Malkavian in others.


Born to a prominent British family in 1996, Skye never had to worry for anything in her life. With her mother being a Professor of Antiquities and history and her father being a tomb raider and archaeologist, at a very early age Skye learned about history, relics, and myths. Always having private instructors and pushed academically, Skye developed a love for the mysteries of the world that cannot be explained light and dark. Realizing she could not prove whether the arcane or occult is true or untrue unless she dove deep into the history, she excelled in learning a variety of ancient languages, cultures, and histories.

Following in the footsteps of both her mother and father, she dove into tombs, the depths and darkness of crypts, and ventured places most sane humans would not dare to go. Even with graduating Suma Cum Laude from the University of Utah and with an offer to join the prestigious society of archaeologist, Skye still received a huge side eye whenever she discussed the foundations of mythological creatures such as vampires, sprites, satyrs, Lochness monster, big foot, and the abominable snowman. Believing that if a story has been passed there most been an element of truth, Skye dove so far into the world shrouded in darkness that it lead to her crossing paths with an infamous Lasombra researching an answer to the question Skye had already learned.

Spending the last 6 months as a ghoul and being fortunate enough to be in service to the College of Enoch, Skye has had the opportunity to learn more at her fingertips than most historians can learn in several lifetimes. Embraced on the night of the High Holiday, she now learns this new world from a different perspective, wielding her mortal connections for the Sword, her intelligence, and her incredible perception for the unknown.


  • Skye is a audacious flirt.
  • Likes taking a drill to her own head.
  • She's really a unseelie fae who ended up embraced Lasombra as an experiment and the clan is just watching what transpires next.


  • "I expect great things of the Childe of Roach." -Roach
  • "She's, like, my cousin. But not, like, related by birth? Anyway, however you look at it she's a sweetheart and I hope she'll keep our agreement. We have a lot we can learn from each other." - Zoe Dearborn
  • "She is late for tea." - The_Durand
  • “I’m often conflicted when it comes to Skye, though her heart is always in the right place.” - Ra’shi
  • "A fledgling, but there is a fire we can stir into a flame. I will keep an eye on this one." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "I may have fallen down her rabbit hole of swirling books and arcane symbols. This "Alice" is one to watch on her journey through Vauldrie Wonderland."-Aaron Knight
  • "She needs to get blackout drunk and wasted on a bender for five days, maybe that will loosen the stick in her butt." - Mordechai

OOC Information

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Storyteller: Celeste Felton
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