Skylar Cayce

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Skylar Cayce

Commonly Known Information

Name: Skylar Cayce

Notable Traits: Not immediately recognizable as a Follower of Set, Skylar typically dresses more "business casual". This outward image is typically left in tatters once he begins to speak and interact with others.

Sect: Independent Alliance

Clan: Followers of Set

Generation: 8th

Lineage: Busokaris (The House of Sokar)


Sands of Time

1315- Born Scarlatto di Castellano da Urbino in the City-State of Urbino, Italy

1331- Entered into Seminary in Rome; became involved in Religious studies

1348- Volunteers to attend to those stricken by the “Black Death”. Though he never contracted the disease, Scarlatto was not unscathed. Witnessing the suffering and pain of those afflicted exacted a profound effect upon his psyche. He begins to question the existence of “God” as he has been taught to believe in.

1352 – After surviving the Black Death, he completely loses his faith in “God” after seeing the devastation caused by the disease. He cannot fathom that any god would allow such an event to take place to his supposed “chosen people”. He begins to study philosophy and broadens his studies of different religions in an attempt to find what he referred to as “basic truths”.

1354- Scarlatto’s studies and research lead him to Egypt in the direction of the fabled Tanis. It is here that he learns of an obscure religion and philosophy whose followers worship the Ancient God, Set. What he hears strikes a chord within him, and he feels he has found what he has been searching for. He joins with the Followers and devotes all of his time toward learning everything he can within the Kha Sokarum.

1355- Having proven his faith and devotion many times over, it is revealed to Scarlatto what the true nature of Set is. He is offered the embrace by Alejandro, Child of Sokar himself, and accepts it faithfully. He changes his name to reflect the “death” of his old self and is known from that point on as Skylar Cayce.

1355-1490- Skylar spends much of the next 100+ years traveling with his sire, Alejandro. During that time, he learns more about The Faith, and much about Kindred society.

1492- Learning that Christopher Columbus is sailing to find new lands, Skylar commissions a vessel to follow. He is intrigued by the potential discoveries of new civilizations and hopes to take the truths he has learned to the New World.

1501- After accepting a certain amount of failure in the New World, he returns to his native Italy.

1629-1631- As the Plague of Milan begins to exact its toll, Skylar begins to experience visions and starts to see and hear the spirits of the dead. Confused and scared for the first time in centuries, Skylar flees Italy in an attempt to distance himself from the devastation he remembers all too well and heads once again for the Americas.

1775-1868- During the times of the American Revolution and the American Civil War, Skylar found ample opportunity to spread chaos. Though not directly involved in any military operations, he spent a great amount of time moving from city to city sabotaging military efforts on all sides. It was his belief at the time that such continued chaos and corruption would gain the ear of Set himself, thus allowing him to awaken and return to his children.

1868-1940- Skylar spends this time re-thinking his strategies. Determining that trying to take direct action can be haphazard, he chooses instead to take a more covert and subtle approach to spreading his faith in Set. He focuses more now on setting up local temples as he passes through different cities and building a solid basis of control within the mortal and Kindred societies.

1940- Skylar meets Stefano Felice Giovanni di Calderari of the Giovanni clan. They quickly build a camaraderie based on Skylar’s ability to see and hear the dead. Seeking to understand this ability more in depth, Skylar believes that Stefano may have answers that he doesn’t yet possess and spends a number of years traveling by his side.

1975- Hearing of a rare tome that he believes would benefit the both of them, Stefano convinces Skylar to move with him to Lincoln, Nebraska. However, upon arriving they quickly discover that the city is under the control of two Elders who are less than happy to have these interlopers in their city. Exerting a massive amount of control, Skylar and Stefano find themselves unwilling pawns in the two Elder’s game.

2001- Growing tired of the local Elder’s games, trying to leave and always being summoned back for some reason, Skylar and Stefano begin to grow their own control base in order to fight back. Stefano begins to build businesses and grows a decent amount of influence in Lincoln, while Skylar begins to show a certain amount of prowess in the business of dealing and trading Boons.

2006- Skylar travels to Fort Meyers, Florida see‎king advice from Sokar as to how to best proceed with his plans in Lincoln and how to overcome the two Elders. Soon after, he travels to Tampa to assist with a Cult there.

2007- While in Tampa, Skylar is trapped during the time of the Great Burning. He receives assistance from Natasha Sekhmet, a devoted cult follower attempting to bring the cult to prominence. As they develop their working relationship, they find that they both have visions and begin to work more closely together to understand their meanings. To reward her for her devotion and service, Skylar embraces Natasha and helps to bring the cult under her control.

2011- Skylar resurfaces as Stefano returns after helping in the foundation of the Independent Alliance. Seeing the obvious benefits, Skylar follows suit in becoming a part of the new Alliance.

2013- Combining resources and influences, and using their newfound strength given to them by the Independent Alliance, Skylar and Stephano wrestle control of the city from the two Elders. Finally out from under their boots, they are quick to set up a power structure. Skylar is appointed Virago and Stefano takes on the role of Doyen.

2017- After years of hard work, experience, and introspection, Skylar has been able to set up and maintain a following based on the teachings of the Kha Sokarum as well as develop a strong boon economy within Lincoln. He has come to accept his visions and ability to see and hear the dead as gifts to be used toward a greater purpose.

2018- Skylar is chosen as High Priest of the United States' North Central Region, which he renames "Scorched Earth"

Once and Future Gods


  • What clan is he really? Some say that he is a Giovanni posing as a Follower of Set. Others say that it's the other way around. His devotion to Busokaris and the Kha Sokarum, along with his close ties with the Giovanni would seem to make a solid distinction somewhat difficult.
  • Feel free to leave your rumor here!

Tongues of Serpents

  • "What can I say about my favorite Elder, Skylar? His seductive undertones when he judges the riff raff? The provocative way he holds his ledger book of boons and names? The alluring way he casts his gaze upon tasty gossip? Truly, what more can I say about a fascinating, charming, and beguiling being such as he? Word of advice when dealing with him, make sure you don't low ball him. Unless you like that kind of degradation, you kinky fool." Olivia Blether - Follower of Set
  • "Why commit evil? Because good has already been done." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
  • "One never knows when that venomous wit will strike." Cascious Reeve - Ravnos
  • " At a young age, I am honored to call Elder Cayce a friend. There are a few people that I would take a bullet for and I am proud to say he is on the top of the list. ORyan Pax Childe of Soran Follower of Set
  • "Don't let his looks deceive you." - Trip Line
  • "My respect and admiration are easy to come by, for the right price. It is rare that they are given away for nothing, Elder Cayce, however, is given both freely." - Xavier Frost

OOC Information

Player: Scott Barnes

Player Email:

Storyteller: David Coakley

Storyteller Email:

Location: Lincoln, NE