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Slīt of the Anarchs.jpeg

Commonly Known Information

Name: Slīt(?)

Notable Traits: Quite strong. Quite blunt. Usually smells of animal blood, and is known to be for hire.

Society: Anarch

Clan: Lasombra


Slīt (Although he has never been called to spell his name, he usually pronounces it like slight or sleight) speaks like one who has secrets. He says he spent time in St. Louis, and knows the city well enough that it must be true, but also claims to recently hail from Carlsbad. He offers services in transportation and "physical assistance", whatever that means. He's also not above working for the Camarilla, if you can believe it. What kind of Anarch IS he? He doesn't seem super concerned with cash, but with boons and favors and knowledge.

He's a recent arrival to Detroit, and while he has very rapidly involved himself, through a series of agents and proxies, with the local mob and the casinos, he describes himself as a 'free range Lasombra'.


  • When he mentions 'Carlsbad', he means the 'caverns', not the city. No vampire in California has heard of him.
  • "Look, all I'm saying is that he went into a room with the Harpy, a Tremere, and two Brujah, and their auras were just GONE for 15 solid minutes. Then they all come back and he's grinning like an idiot. I'm not lying man, I'm a Malk, but I'm not that kind of crazy."
  • Often shows up at events wearing the same formal suit, cut to shreds different ways each time.


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OOC Information

Player: Daniel Moore

Player Email:

Storyteller: Dorothy Feltner

Storyteller Email:

Location: Detroit by Night MI-014-D