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Commonly Known Information

Name: Slipstream

Notable Traits: Investigator / Medic / Healer

Type: Changeling


Slipstream's mask is a middle-aged human often seen in a business suit and tie. He keeps his hair gelled back giving it a smooth slick appearance yet graying at the temples hints that he may be a touch older. His hazel eyes frame a perfectly symmetrical nose while his smooth cheeks hint at the fact he rarely smiles. His voice a rich baritone that can be both friendly and demanding as the situation warrants.

Slipstream's mien is a humanoid shape that lacks human features and is androgynous. His skin is composed of stars and space gases as though his body is a portion of the galaxy given physical form. His skin vibrant and alive as stars shoot across his skin and the gases fluctuate in size and coloration based upon his mood or demeanor. A chill Autumn wind nestles against his skin and the scent of flowers blooming rides from him.


Slipstream slips in and out of the world around him. He has always been aloof and this detachment served him well in his escape. Before being taken he was a member of the EFMC. He doesn't talk about it much, but does occasionally mention that he was previously enlisted.

Basic Timeline:

  • SY 3100 Born SY
  • SY 3120 Enlisted in the EFMC
  • SY 3125 While out on a mission he was abducted by the Thurisaz, presumed dead.
  • SY 3850 Escaped Thurisaz, spent a lot of time hiding and blending in via disguise.
  • SY 3994 Traveled to Wayfinder Station
  • SY 4400 started traveling with current ship and crew


  • " A hard worker and a good healer. Iskra looks forward to working more with them." Iskra
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OOC Information

Player: Octavian D.

Player Email:

Storyteller: Kelsey Greene

Storyteller Email:

Location: Virtual