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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jack "Thor's Vengeance" Liu, Previously deeded Smiling Mountain and Blood of Thor

Notable Traits: Bitten, Adren, Ahroun, Get of Fenris. Previous affiliation: Child of Gaia Kinfolk

Pack: Seiryuu's Chosen

Society: Loosely tied to Sanctum of Gaia due to tribe, but he does not actively participate in politics

Sept: Sept of the Cleansing Flame

Titles: Wyrmfoe


He was born in the year 1986 and first underwent the change in October of 2016 after receiving the Bite. He was a loose part of the Sept of Bayou's Rage at that time, having been Bitten by Jeremiah Grey called Strikes the Foundation, the Sept Alpha there, after losing his wife, a fostern Stargazer Theurge named Peers into Darkness, and daughter to a Dancer attack while he was away on business. He has currently joined the Sept of the Hidden Spring after moving away from the place he once called home due to the painful memories still warring inside him.

He carries with him his wife's naginata, a weapon fetish known as "Blind Justice"


  • "You did well. Now get yourself to Fostern." - Ember Fannon
  • "Didn't have much time to talk, but I think you will do well, the spirits smile on you." - Cedrick Fannon
  • "Your Quote." - Your Name


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