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Commonly Known

Name: Sofia Giovanni

Notable Traits and Features: Sofia is a recent embrace into the Da Canali family of Giovanni. She is the owner of a coffee shop in Baton Rouge and also has a sister shop in The Bahamas that is run by her cousin. She has a twin sister named Maria, and has been known to see ghosts and have visions of the future from time to time.

Society: Independent Alliance

Clan: Giovanni

Lineage: da Canali

Known History

Born: February 16, 1982 as one of two twins. (Sofia and Maria)

February 16, 1989: On her birthday, she was given a necklace by one of her favorite “uncles.” When she touched it, she had a vision of him killing it’s former owner. She dropped it and looked to him, eyes wide and afraid, asking why he’d killed that person. The room grew quiet, and the elders spoke later behind closed doors. It was decided that she would be having a few kids before being groomed for the embrace in the hopes that she would pass on her power to her heirs.

She was trained from then on to speak to spirits and began to get other visions as well.

May 2002: Married into the Di Jovian family and gave birth to five children. The oldest she had at age 21. (2003) He was a boy, and developed the ability to see spirits. In 2005 she gave birth to a girl. No powers have been manifested within this one. In 2007 she gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl. The girl was prone to visions like her mother. Her youngest she had in 2008, who has developed both Oracular Ability and the ability to see ghosts. All the children attend the best boarding schools and come home for Christmas Break, one week in the spring, and one month in the summer.

2009: Gets transferred to live with her uncle Sebastian Giovanni.

June 2017 - Rain asks Sofia to the Masquerade Ball to celebrate the Founders. She gets wind he isn’t going and decides not to attend either.

August 2017 - Sold to the da Canali line of Giovanni.

April 4th, 2018 - Embraced by Federigo Giovanni da Canali


  • "Sofia, I believe she is an artist of predrawn tapestries; they are unnatural depictions. Her gift of foresight shows promise; she will be watched closely and prepared appropriately..." - Matteo Rinaldo Giovanni
  • "I haven't had much reason to speak with her yet, but I'm sure it won't be long before I do. I've noticed her though, in quite corners with her coloring books, her eyes looking through worlds and seeing beyond the visible." - Claire Bradford
  • "I have been watching Sofia since my return to Baton Rouge, and I find her a complete darling to be around. So much more of an apt student than some of the others. I know she will go far, she will just need to be conditioned a bit better to our more... darker task." - Vittoria Giovanni
  • "One is still what one is going to cease to be and already what one is going to become. One lives one's death, one dies one's life." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari

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Major Events


Musical Inspiration

"Stones to bear the mountain stairs. In the night we dance with our devils and dine with the snakes. The dead will stare in joy and despair rising up away from the earth and into the clouds. From the eye of the Graie we stole, a truth that we can't un-know. Spinning on the threads they sew In a river of the tears that flow into the world below."

"We kill the lights and put on a show. It's all a lie but you'd never know."

"Where have you been? You are a different man. You disappeared, and just like that you're here."

OOC Information

Player: Mary D.

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Storyteller: Kaci St. Romain

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Location: Baton Rouge