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Kiss of the Asp

Name: Sokar aka: "Steve"

Sire: The Sleeping Lord

Notable Traits: Red sunglasses - Strange eyes

Titles: Sokar, High Priest of the Southeastern United States, Hegemon of the Busokaris, of the cult of the Kha Sokarum, Eternal of Sothis, Breaker of Chains

Cult: Kha Sokarum (the Immortals of Sokar)

Lineage: Busokaris (The House of Sokar)

Faction: Independent Alliance

Status: TBA

Info Known by Set's Chosen

Sokar is known to be an ancient and powerful Setite, born of prophecy and raised from birth to be initiated into the Followers of Set. He traces his lineage back to (TBA). Sokar believes that when the final nights come, Set will help him to strip away the final chains that bind his divinity just as Set had done himself and that by presenting him with the Spell of Life, or a version of it, that Set will grant him this opportunity. On that night he will ascend to join the rest of the true gods. Sokar is of the belief that he has lived several lives and has nearly touched divinity several times in his past incarnations. He has a very strange view of the universe that sometimes seems at odds with the standard Setite dogma, but he is still a fiercely devout Follower and staunch supporter of the struggle against the Aeons.

Info Known by Everyone Else

To the majority of Kindred and Cainite society, Sokar is something of a wildcard. Neither supporting the no particular sect completely, Sokar has recently joined up with the Independent Alliance but deeply cherishes his freedom. He is known to be a proponent of debauchery of all kinds and indulges in whatever vices he seems to come across, encouraging others to indulge as well. He is notorious for setting up the proud and the self-important only to drag them into an endless spiral of excess and corruption. He is believed to be a powerful elder somewhere between the 5th and 7th Generation.


65 AD: Born under a Solar Eclipse to a Setite cultist.

67 AD: Sokar is taken from his mother by the Followers of Set and indoctrinated into the cult in preparation for his eventual Embrace.

95 AD: Sokar is embraced by the Sleeping Lord, and brought into the Dream Court.

100 AD: Sokar studies under the tutelage of the Dream Court on the island of Crete.

300 AD: Sokar leaves Crete in search of Necromancers who can help him begin his studies into death and how to overcome it. (OPEN FOR PC TIES)

1200: Sokar resides in Paris, France, curious about the catacombs being constructed there and ties that might help him in his goal... all while indulging in all that Paris has to offer in the way of sensations and debauchery.

1257: Ghouls a young man by the name of Marcel. Sokar feels a strong connection to this man and a sense that he knows him from somewhere. A year later, Sokar embraces Marcel.

1258: Marcel (later Alejandro) is embraced.

1300-1500: Sokar follows learns about mass deaths due to plague and seeks to immerse himself in the death toll in England. Sokar has free reign to try new sensations and seek new ways to revive the dead. He hopes that the death and misery in London will draw the attention of Necromancers he can entice, and pry for further information.

1300: Sokar meets Fyrntårn De Montague. The two exchange ideological and philosophical information about the nature of their paths. Fyrntårn spends many nights with Sokar at his temple in England indulging in an opportunity to experiment with surgical tools away from the prying eyes of those that might judge such practices.

1306: Sokar meets Rocky Gomis, a Gargoyle seeking refuge, and offers him safe respite at his local Temple. Rocky agrees to protect the temple of Busokaris as a mutually beneficial arrangement.

1500- Sokar begins having strange visions of the coming Gehenna, and flees Europe in order to put distance between him and the Aeons. (OPEN FOR PC TIES)

1640-1715 - Sokar retreats from Europe seeking a safe refuge from which to study his condition and hopefully winter the coming Gehenna. He hears of the African refugees well versed in Death Magics residing on the island of Haiti and decides to set up a small Haven there. He contacts his long-time ally, Samson, and brokers a deal to take ownership of one of his ghouls, a medium by the name of Ana who will assist him and function as a go between between himself and the locals in order to further his studies while on the island.

1836- 1840: Sokar and Cornelia Mowebary engage in some dangerous operations against the Sabbat and end up enjoying each other's company a bit too much. The two decide to throw caution to the wind and engage in a whirlwind of hedonism and violence across the northern U.S, and Canada, bouncing back and forth across the border evading authorities and sowing chaos, depravity, and a trail of blood wherever they go, all blamed on the Sabbat, of course.

1842: Sokar sets up a small brothel in Monroe, Louisiana, much to the chagrin of a local Kindred, Reverend Gideon Haven. The two engage in a back and forth for the souls of the city, neither one coming out truly victorious.

1915-1919: During his travels, Sokar makes his way to the United States, to Boston, Massachusetts. Upon arriving Sokar is accosted by a local Sabbat pack. After leading them through his temple and dispatching the pack, Sokar chooses to spare one of the pack members, the neonate, Lorena Silva. She strikes him as familiar and she seems more preoccupied with the various indulgences Sokar has woven throughout the Temple than following through with her pack-mates attack plan. In fact, it seems she had only recently attempted to rejoin the Sabbat after having been pulled away previously by a non-Sabbat Lasombra who unsuccessfully attempted to extricate her from the group. After Sokar takes the time to see her Vaulderie broken and shows her the benefits of membership in the Kha Sokarum. Over time though, it becomes clear that freedom from the Pack has placed in her a desire for exploration and Sokar sees an opportunity to have an ally with the Lasombra. Sokar hands his young protege over to a Lasombra Anarch named Roman as a sign of goodwill..

1946: New York, where he meets Vincent Giovanni. The two engage in some questionable practices in the pursuit of necromancer knowledge, of course, and end up ruffling the wrong feathers. They each trade boons in the protection of one another to clear up the situation. They don't generally like to talk about it. The Boons are listed in the Harpy's registry simply as "Services Rendered".

1950 -1961: Sokar encounters Toriesa Kegan O'Callaghan while traveling through a small town in Deleware, and finds her familiar. Sokar soon learns that "Ressa", as she's known, is an oracle and has visions similar to his own. Sokar and Ressa study and compare their visions over the years as he does his best to test the limits of her composure and outwardly prim and proper persona. After their visions begin to diverge, the two part ways, Ressa leaves headed south for Louisiana, and Sokar decides to head elsewhere.

1982: Sokar sets up a small temple in Massachusetts and hires Holly Wood as the headline entertainer. She is given free reign with the temple's cultists and a safe haven as long as she wishes within the temples of the Kha Sokarum as payment for drawing in new "customers" to the temple.

1988: Near Montreal, Sokar works with a Tremere by the name of Övé Háskell, who helps him experiment with using Blood Magic to help groom ghouls as potential candidates for ritual mummification, and potential Embrace. Sokar is introduced to his sire, Áed.

1999: Sokar arranges a deal with the Tremere named Áed for additional protection for his lineage for an undisclosed favor in the face of increased Sabbat hostility toward the clan.

2000-2009: Sokar continues to experience visions of destruction despite Gehenna having not taken place. He begins to worry that his dabbling in death magic has taken a toll on his sanity. Sokar retreats from Kindred society until hearing of a potential alliance between the Followers of Set and the Giovanni.

2007: During the Week of the Vengeful Moon as he calls it, Sokar gathered those Followers that he could to himself and retreated into the lightless depths of the Tenth Circle chamber he uses for conversion and contemplation within his temple. He kept in contact with the outside world through his many associates and converts from other clans and began making preparations to inter himself, as his sire had, within the tomb until he could rise again. He was massively relieved when the event passed over, and he was able to emerge unscathed.

2015: Sokar joins the Independent Alliance with the Giovanni.

2017: Finally having come to terms with his visions, and believing himself to be witness to a reality, one of many possible ones, that did not take place, Sokar begins to believe he's lived many times in the past. Ready to continue his quest for immortality, Sokar seeks out the place where people go to die in the United States, Florida. There he believes he can continue his studies on immortality in peace. He establishes the Temple of Black Sands, a safe place of worship for his cult, the Kha Sokarum, and for his family.

2018: Sokar receives backing from Priests in the SE and is elevated to High Priest of the Southeastern United States replacing Lady Intisar as High Priest. He dubs the territory, the Gilded Sands.


Busokaris (The House of Sokar)

Known Childer

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It is Rumored that ...

  • Sokar once had a strong connection to another Follower of Set in a past life that he is still seeking out to this night...
  • Akhu Khaw is Sokar's favorite Daughter and most prized Childe...
  • Sokar and Cornelia Mowebary were responsible for massacring a whole mining village on the U.S./Canada border in the 1800's, in a fit of lust and for the fun of it, and blamed it on the Sabbat.
  • Sokar's favorite thing in the world is his cream colored 2006 Town and Country minivan with the bobble-head Set figurine on the dashboard. He often loads up family neonates into it and goes on Pokemon Go road trips.
  • Your Rumor Here


  • "Over the centuries, I've worked with many of Sokar's Clan. They're snakes, don't get me wrong... but they have their uses. And Sokar is one to make things work when you might think it's nearly impossible. A man worth his salt, undoubtedly." - Övé Háskell
  • "Sokar could, ironically, be a great voice for order - did he not believe in his own divinity above all else. I hold slim hope that he might someday look beyond himself and see the Balance." - Tannesh
  • "He is, he was and forever shall be a memory of pure bliss. I had to leave him to save myself but is different." - Lorena Silva
  • "A typical one of his kind. When he is not subverting the faithful to darkness, he is practicing that archaic heathen religion of his. Let me simply say i do not enjoy his company."" - Reverend Gideon Haven
  • "I think I would make an appalling Setite. They make the most natural things in the world have a depth and significance of devotion to them that is alas, outside my simple shallow and materialist self. On the other hand, set against the Sabbat with the brakes removed, it was watching two crazed and cracked mirrors of each other fight: Fanaticism and an utter commitment to abandoning the mortal self. I learned a lot about humanity from seeing what happens where there is none, and Sokar deserves his cult, for he transcends this earth."

"Now Grandfather is a Druid, so this is hardly my first brush with the divine, but while Elder Desmond carries Old Gods and brings forth their voices, Sokar inserts himself into one or perhaps one wears him like a sheath of dead meat." - Cornelia Mowebary

  • "Everyone talks and talks about corruption. Everyone talks and talks about debauchery. But Sokar chose to live here, in Southwest Florida. Chaos and storms. He is a true adherent of his God. -Adyton
  • "Sokar of the Hidden Sun

Sokar of the Mysterious Region

Sokar with His Two Wings Opened

Sokar of the Serpents Song

Sokar of Corruption and Indulengence "- Sammy Giovanni

  • "Sokar gives all appearances of being a debased, debaucherous, wretch, however, this mask hides a keen mind interested in the true nature of reality, perhaps one night he will become enlightened to his Dharma or perhaps he already has." - Basir Khorram-Din
  • "Your Quote Here." - You


OOC Information

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OOC Information

Player: JT Tremaine

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Storyteller: Troy Lees

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