Solista Botanical Spa

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Guild of Solista - Garden Spa

Botanical Spa Manager: Cerrdiwen

Guild of Solista VIP - Members - Iskra & Adhara Vega

Quotes & Endorsements About the Spa

  • "Iskra much love Sauna. Is favorite place to relax and be warm. " Iskra
  • "It's always nice to get up, go to the pool, eat some food, and have somewhere to be in my own skin." Axion
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Spa Maintenance & Community Outreach Project: Morass Shelter & Rebuilding


Solista Spa's Bar

Selection of Teas, Coffees & Delectable Desserts.

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Botanical Pool

Nestled, among exotic flowers and plants, close your eyes and sink into this hot pool and imagine yourself in a planet paradise.


Steam Room



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Spa Services:

Alejandro, Alexander & Mina are the registered massage therapists and aestheticians. Apointments are available upon request.

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Located In

NightStone Hotel & Casino

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